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30 November 2009

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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Pakistani Taliban Union of Journalists (PTUJ)

By: Abdul Nishapuri

Association's name: Pakistani Taliban Union of Journalists (PTUJ)

Aliases: Friends of Taliban, Mullah Media Alliance, Dehshat nigar, Col-anchors, 18 crori, Conspiracy theorists

Area of influence: Islamic federation of Pakistan, Afghanistan and India

Sister organizations: Hizb ut-Tahrir, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, Al Qaeda, Sipah-e-Sahaba, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, other jihadi and sectarian sleepers in Pakistan's civil and military establishment

1. To justify Taliban's acts of terrorism against Pakistan Army, police, parliament, politicians and ordinary citizens of Pakistan on one pretext or the other;

2. To portray Taliban as a true representative of Islam;

3. To exploit the Pakistani nation's emotions by playing the Islam versus USA card;

4. To destabilize the democratic government of Pakistan in order to abolish the successful military operation against the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Office bearers

Founder: Hamid Mir President: Dr Shahid Masood

Vice President: Ansar Abbasi General Secretary: Dr Shireen Mazari

Story writer: Javed Chaudhry

Board of directors

Irfan Siddiqi Orya Maqbool Jan Mushtaq Minhas

Junior members

Muhammad Saleh Zaafir (The News)

Mohammad Ahmed Noorani (The News)

Technical advisers

The following are not Taliban supporters. They are however known for their sinister contacts with the anti-democracy establishment in Pakistan:

Shaheen Sehbai Haroon-ur-Rasheed Syed Talat Hussain


Explanatory note about the PTUJ's video clip on youtube

We have noted with concern that certain cyberspace activists have adapted the above article as a youtube video (rated "R"). We do not endorse the abusive language used against the pro-Taliban journalists, and request the concerned persons to remove the "R" content from their video.


Some snippets, some comments

“I, Muhammad Saleh Zaafir, do hereby tender an unconditional apology to the hon’ble court in relation to the contents of the story that appeared in daily The News/daily Jang on June 11, 2007.

“I have been directed by the hon’ble court to submit any proof in relations to the contents of the said items. I would humbly submit that I have no proof whatsoever in relation to the matter discussed in the said story.

“I keep this hon’ble court in the highest esteem and respect. I can never ever think of bringing about a bad name to the hon’ble court or to any learned judge of the hon’able court. I would submit that I can never think of committing contempt of this hon’ble court.

“I undertake to be careful in future and am ashamed for the publication of the story. I would humbly seek pardon in relation to the grievous lapse. “I pray to the hon’ble court that no further action may kindly be proceeded in relation to the matter. I would entreat that my unconditional apology may graciously be accepted.”



Is talking to militants an option?
Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I write this in reference to "We must go for talks, not war" (Nov 2) by Ansar Abbasi. It is really easy to call for holding talks with militants while sitting in Islamabad. At a time when our brave jawans and officers of the Pakistan army are fighting a full-scale battle in the tribal areas against all odds, we should stand united beside them as a nation. Mr Abbasi should visit Peshawar at least which is apparently under siege for the last one month, especially after the recent bombing in the Meena Bazaar where the majority of the victims were innocent women and children, to know how barbarous these militants are. It is time every Pakistani stood with the army and fought against militancy.

I think the suggestion of having talks with people like Hakimullah, Baitullah, Fazlullah or Muslim Khan is a total non-option, for our gallant sons have laid down their lives fighting against the same miscreants. I have no doubt in my mind that war and only war against these beasts is the final option now.

Ajab Khan



This is with reference to the news analysis "We must go for talks, not war" by Ansar Abbasi (Nov 2). I would like to ask the learned writer as to what we can offer these terrorists, whom he is calling Pakistani, and what we can demand in return?

Kamran Bangash

Dubai, UAE


This is in connection with the news analyses by Mohammad Malick and Ansar Abbasi published in your newspaper on Nov 2. I believe that in the ongoing war against terrorism we the people of Pakistan must stand by our army. The rhetoric that this is not our war must be ended. Initially it might not have been our war but now it has become our war.

The people of Swat, Mingora, Bajaur, Waziristan and adjacent areas are going through the worst times of their life. Their innocent children and women are dying everyday. If any madressahs have become sanctuaries for terrorists then they must be eliminated.

Nabeel Anwar Dhakku



This is with reference to Ansar Abbasi's news analysis "We must go for talks, not war" (Nov 2). The Pakistan army first had to fight against miscreants in Swat and Malakand and now it is busy fighting foreign Uzbek terrorists and their local aides hiding in South Waziristan. It is crystal-clear that Pakistanis do not have any option other than to fight the terrorists. It means our soldiers have to sacrifice their lives – and we should stand by them. After witnessing numerous suicide attacks and subversive activities, it's amazing that Mr Abbasi still feels that terrorists should be negotiated with. The matter is not that simple as he is portraying. These terrorists are playing in the hands of foreign elements and they consider us Pakistanis and the Pakistan army as their enemy.

On the contrary, I found the comments by Muhammad Malik (Nov 2) quite reasonable as he suggested that the only way to curb terrorism is to eliminate the militants from our country. Instead of doubting the will of the army, the political leadership, parliament and the media should come forward and join hands with the armed forces to get the motherland out of this menace.

Saima Iqbal Hasan



War or talks?
Thursday, November 05, 2009

This refers to the write-ups of Mohammad Malick and Ansaar Abbasi published in your newspaper on Nov 2. The debate initiated by your newspaper is worthwhile, especially from the point of view of the ordinary people. As asserted rightly by Mr Malick, Pakistan is at war, a war of its very survival. Anyone denying this fact is suffering from self-deception and, in my view, is a 'closet Taliban'. Whatever the history, reasons and background of this conflict are, it is now our war against the enemies of the country. The terrorists are not only targeting government offices and armed forces establishments, but also they are murdering innocent civilians. We, as a nation, need to rise up to this challenge and face the terrorists with all our might, resolute determination and resources to save the country from this impending catastrophe.

While the write-up by Mr Malick was rational, objective and logical, unfortunately Mr Abbasi's was full of US bashing. For no less than 12 times, Mr Abbasi criticised Washington in his relatively small piece. Mr Abbasi branded Pervez Musharraf as 'Washington's poodle', which he probably was, however, one wonders as to in whose lap Mr Abbasi is being cuddled now? While condemning the US for drone attacks and the killing of citizens of Pakistan, why did Mr Abbasi conveniently ignore the daily murderous attacks, suicide bombings and decapitations of innocent civilians by the insane Taliban terrorists?

M S Hasan


In my view, the question posed by Ansar Abbasi (Nov 2) is closed-ended in its nature and therefore may not provide the respondents with a chance to come up with any creative and novel solution to this highly complex problem. A simple yes or no does not seem to be the right answer. We have to be clear about the objectives to be achieved through this war. Obviously the armed forces cannot stay in South Waziristan for an indefinite period. The top most priority should be to ensure that the area is cleansed from the extremists and the writ of the government is established.

However, it is a fact that the miscreants and terrorists can never be wiped out once and for all. The history of the area bears testimony to the fact that they will re-group and re-emerge in future as well, even if they are defeated by the armed forces for now. The feasible strategy in these circumstances appears to be that after acquiring the control of the area, the government should negotiate with the political and religious leaders to ensure that no activities relating to terrorism are tolerated in exchange of peace, justice and economic development of the area.

The militia, the police and the Frontier Constabulary should be strengthened and trained to deal with the extremists when the armed forces have completed their mission. An agreement on terms acceptable to both the parties is difficult to achieve, but perhaps this is the only solution.

Dr Najeeb A Khan



Lagay Raho, Media Bhai
Wednesday, November 04, 2009
By By Sadiq Saleem

On Monday, November 2, thirty-five innocent Pakistanis lost their lives to a terrorist attack. These were ordinary people, standing in line at a bank to receive their monthly salary. They must have gone there with plans of spending that money on their parents, wives, children, brothers and sisters. But for the Pakistani media, especially the TV anchors who have now become the arbiters of what is important and what is not, the death of these poor people was not important. With their usual cast of characters from —Jamaat-e-Islami to Imran Khan to the two Muslim Leagues— the electronic media that day was exclusively focused on the so-called NRO issue.

Although the PPP has defused the matter by withdrawing the ordinance from Parliament, there is something artificial about the manner in which the matter of the NRO was made the primary focus of national discussion. The NRO issue took over from debate over the Kerry Lugar Bill, which also died its natural death. Those in the media who considered the Kerry-Lugar Bill a matter of national sovereignty have not even asked the PML-N or PML-Q to bring their own resolutions in the National Assembly on the matter.

Now that Hillary Clinton has spoken, the two Muslims Leagues would not dare condemn the US through a resolution in Parliament. The purpose of the fuss over the bill, like the NRO non-debate, was to undermine the Zardari presidency. The Pakistani military is fighting the battle for the country’s survival in Waziristan.

For years at least some of our anchors have claimed that the Mehsud militants are backed by foreign enemies of Pakistan. But neither the war in Waziristan nor the terrorist attacks in Rawalpindi have received the kind of attention that befits them. For the overzealous TV anchors, the real issue is how to embarrass President Zardari. Some of them claim they have the establishments backing in doing so.

Those striving for a Constitutional knockout of President Zardari need to reconsider whether they will accomplish anything even if they succeed.

The media, especially its electronic manifestation, seems like a bunch of quacks (fake doctors) that keep generating campaign after campaign against someone they dislike (President Zardari). It is time the people fight back and say let there be some sanity in the country. Let priorities be priorities.

Like the title of the Hindi movie Lagay Raho Munna Bhai, we need to learn to ignore the TV anchors and say Lagay Raho media Bhai and pay attention to the lives of people instead of the artificial politics of talk shows. If the talk show crowd has evidence of corruption, let them take it to the independent judiciary, which they claim they got restored. If there is an issue that requires Parliamentary attention, let Parliament vote on it. It is time for real action, not media campaigns.

For twenty-four hours after a tragedy like the Rawalpindi terrorist attack, the nation should be allowed to grieve and sympathize with the victims. The media and the establishment some anchors so frequently quote should give the people a break.



The electronic media’s coverage of terrorist attacks has often left much to be desired. The not-so-thin line between reporting the news and wallowing in sensationalism has been crossed repeatedly, and the distinction between fact and speculation lost in situations that call for composure and clarity.

Some anchors and reporters caught up in such settings are known to have become hysterical, throwing perspective to the wind. During the first attack on the Manawan police training centre, for instance, the casualty figure was initially inflated ten-fold before someone somewhere acknowledged that it was too early to tell what was happening on the ground. Imagine the impact such ‘reporting’ might have had on family members whose relatives were trapped in the training centre at the time. Consider the wider panic whipped up by the media, wholly unnecessarily, in these days of unprecedented fear and loathing.

At least one gas-cylinder blast has been reported as a bomb explosion. Clearly, facts were not checked before being presented as news. Not too long ago, the movement of rescue commandos was splashed across television screens, potentially leaking vital information to the hostage-takers via their associates on the outside. Anyone with access to a television set — and that includes children — has been bombarded with gruesome, gory images of both the victims and perpetrators of terrorism. That wasn’t diligent journalism, and added nothing to the viewers’ understanding of the news. What it did was further terrify an already brutalised nation. Conversely, it may have also desensitised people who may come to conflate tragedy with routine. It happens all the time in Pakistan, what else is new. How many dead, what was the ‘score’ this time? No child or young adult should grow up thinking that way.


Shahid Masood is the biggest liar…. an opportunist… who sold his soul to the devil whom he now is trying to criticise….. listen to his interview in Jawabdey… this liar is totally exposed by Iftikhar…


Aamir Mughal said: Irfan Siddiqui was once a regular contributor for Weekly Takbeer [Allegedly an Islamic Weekly whose Founder Editor Syed Salahuddin [favourite of Shaheen Sehbai] was murdered in 90s. Details: Ethnic Hatred - Mawdudi, Jamat-e-Islami & Islami Jamiat Talaba


Irfan Siddiqui used to be PRO in President House of Pakistan, and I wonder did he serve Tummandar Farooq Laghari.

In the words of Sadiq Saleem: Watching American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton interact with university students in Lahore was a sad spectacle. Sadder still was to see our most influential TV anchors and columnists betray their limited knowledge of facts while trying to impress their audience with their solid nationalist credentials...The most glaring error of fact by a Pakistani came during Ms Clinton’s interview with Pakistani TV anchors. One gentleman (Talat Hussain) tried to make the point that the US does not provide enough assistance to Pakistan and that Pakistan’s leaders sell the country cheap. He said that the US paid Kyrgyzstan $700 million in rent for just one airbase. Hillary tried to correct him and said the actual amount of rent was around $50 million. Our anchor-columnist was unfazed and insisted that must be the figure per month. But anyone with access to the internet can find out that as of June this year the US pays Kyrgyzstan $60 million per year as rent for the Manas air force base. Until June the rent was only $17 million.

Hillary was closer to the facts while the anchor-columnist was off by at least $640 million. His hostility towards the US, not facts, defined his question and none of his anchor colleagues were better acquainted with facts to help correct him.


Dr Shahid Masood of GEO fame – was appointed as the PTV chairman, through the Establishment Division letter No 1/64/2008-E-6, dated May 31 2008.He was given the additional charge of the MD through the letter No 1/64/2008-E-6, dated June 21 2008. Here is his pay package.

After his appointment as MD PTV, Dr. Shahid Masood has been seen appeasing President Musharraf and endorsing the President’s views. See the video here.


It is the same President Musharraf who was termed as an unpopular Shah of Pakistan, by Dr. Shahid Masood in one of his degrading programs of ‘Meray Mutabik’ where he painted a picture of similarity between Shah Iran and President Musharraf – predicting that soon President Musharraf will have no place to hide. Does Shahid Masood have any shame left? Does he have the moral courage to face the public and offer apology over his twisting programs and exploiting the nation's emotions?

Does anyone remember Dr Shahid Masood's encounter with Iftikhar Ahmed in Jawabdeh and further post-mortem by Kamran Khan the next evening? It is a must watch.




Najam Sethi rightly points out in his editorial in the Friday Times:

1- The Pakistani “free media”, with its religious-nationalist mindset, is singularly responsible for misleading the people and creating a huge wave of sympathy for the Taliban and hostility for the government and army that want to fight them.

2- This “free media” created a wave of sympathy and support for the Lal Masjid terrorists (portrayed as some sort of medieval heroes for defying America and the army) in the heart of Islamabad and put the army and government on the back foot.

3- This media also made this war America’s war exclusively by propagating the false notion that if America were to walk away from this region the Taliban and Al-Qaeda would melt away into thin air and all would be peaceful again.

4- Ultimately, this “free media” drummed up support for all the dangerous peace deals between the Taliban and the army or government, especially the last one in Swat on February 28, and enabled the Taliban to exploit the political space and public support to seize large areas of the Frontier.

God help Pakistan – if these blackmailers and Taliban mind-set journalists are what we earned by ‘Freedom of Media’ !


Aamir Mughal said...

Even Indian Kashmiri Leader condemns Taliban and advice Pakistan.

Taliban weakening Pakistan: Ali Geelani Updated at: 0400 PST, Saturday, October 31, 2009


BARA MOOLA: The Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Shah Geelani has blamed Pakistan government for instability in the country. He accused Taliban of defaming Islam and asked them to give up violence.
“In no way does Islam allow the killing of innocents and what Taliban is doing in Pakistan is condemnable,” Geelani said while addressing a gathering in this south Kashmir town.
He asked the Taliban to present the true picture of Islam saying, “ They (Taliban) are portraying Islam in a poor light and are defaming it. I advise them to give up violence and bring Islamic revolution in the country by adopting peaceful means.”

Aamir Mughal said...

My only point is this that why should we blame USA when our several TV Anchors for instance Kamran Khan of GEO TV who 'SUCCESSFULLY' interviewed some obscure and concocted Militant Abu Mustafa Al Yazid and relayed it on GEO TV for creating more problem for Pakistan. How the hell they get such interviews when even the high tech Western Agencies could't trace them??? Months after right after 911 Hamid Mir filed a front page Super Headline In Daily Dawn that Osama Bin Laden has 36 Nukes [Hamid Mir wasn't even Dawn Employee not even on contract] what was the purpose of such stories which always embarrassed Pakistan. There are several Militants of Northern Areas who used to address crowded Press Conference and getting coverage in every Private TV Channels in Pakistan. Basically this Rat Race amongst TV Channels has ruined the mental peace of Pakistanis. Nobody is saying to ban TV Channels but did anyone ever questioned the news they present, its veracity, its source, and its background. These TV Channels are keeping alive this "Alleged War On Terror" to make money out of the miseries of People of NWFP, Baluchistan and FATA. Let me quote you a dialogue from a best seller by Late. Harold Robbins

'The truth,' I said. 'Can't any of you tell the truth? Do you always have to manipulate others doing your dirty work for you when the truth is so much simpler?'

'That's show business,' Guy said glibly.

'I don't like it,' I said.

'You better get used to it if you're going to stay in it.' (from The Lonely Lady, 1976)
Transparency in Pakistan’s Media, Benazir and the US

By Yousuf Nazar http://www.yousufnazar.com/?p=788

Aamir Mughal said...

The Editor Daily Jang in his editorial dated 7 Nov 2009 http://www.jang.com.pk/jang/nov2009-daily/07-11-2009/idaria.htm is lecturing Pakistani People and Politicians about Corruptions what about CORRUPT AND LIAR Journalists in Jang Group of Newspapers/The News International and GEO TV.


GEO TV, Kamran Khan and the Lies of Dr Shahid Masood


PKPolitics Website respond against Rauf Klasra and Haroon Rasheed


Haroon Rasheed Comes to Rescue his Nephew & Brother JULY 27, 2009 . in NEWS


Haroon Rasheed wrote a column in Jang today in support of Rauf Klasra calling him as his brother and his nephew Mohammad Malick in response to their exposed corruption by PKPolitics.

Atta ul Haq Qasmi [condemned by Shaheen Sehbai in 2000 Who will Bell the Bad, Fat Cats? by Shaheen Sehbai January 5, 2000 REFERENCE: http://www.chowk.com/articles/4687 for corruption but contributing for Corruption Free Jang]


Haroon ur Rasheed [still writing in Corruption Free Jang]


Shaheen Sehbai in 2000 Corrupt Journalist:

The peers, naturally those who come out unscathed and "clean", should sit down to formulate lists of those who have been publicly demonstrating a lack of intellectual, moral and professional integrity. Big names like Minhaj Barna, Mushahid Hussain, Maleeha Lodhi, Wajid Shamsul Hassan, Nazir Naji, Ataul Haq Qasmi, Ayaz Amir, Hussain Haqqani, Irshad Ahmed Haqqani, Najam Sethi, Nasim Zehra, Jamiluddin Aali and many others who sought or accepted political, diplomatic or government jobs, or joined political parties as activists, should be asked to explain why they did not quit journalism to do so and why they continued to use the profession to get, keep or regain lucrative jobs or positions of power. How do they retain, or claim to retain, their objectivity and credibility, once they have demonstrated their political ambitions. In the least they should have apologised to the profession. REFERENCE: Who will Bell the Bad, Fat Cats? by Shaheen Sehbai January 5, 2000 REFERENCE: http://www.chowk.com/articles/4687

beauty said...

I suggest that all PTUJ members and Imran khan and Muawar Hassan should be dropped in Waziristan through Helocopters...
If they convinve Talibaan or Zalimaaan for peace then it would be 10% better for Pakistan.
And if they got killed over there by Talibaans then it will be 110% excellent for PAKISTAN.:)

Aamir Mughal said...

Attention: Dr Shireen M Mazari and Imran Khan

Threats to Journalists Threaten Press Freedom
November 16th, 2009


Threats to the safety of journalists represent a serious problem in Pakistan, and the danger journalists face in our country has resulted in a respected international NGO ranking press freedom in Pakistan below Afghanistan and Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, some people like Ahmed Quraishi are trying to defend these threats.

Reporters Without Borders recent 2009 Press Freedom Index lists Pakistan at 159 out of 175 nations represented. Mr. Ilhan Niaz took issue with the harsh ranking in Dawn yesterday, saying that “One can only wonder what methodology would enable Pakistan to be bracketed alongside one party dictatorships, theocratic police states and warlord infested polities on the issue of press freedom.” After inquiring with Reporters Without Borders, the newspaper was told that “The bad situation of Pakistan in the ranking is mainly due to the attacks against journalists by [T]aliban and other groups…”

Aamir Mughal said...

Expose' on Dr Shahid Masood - The Jang Group [Exposed by Kamran Khan - The Jang Group] Videos [Please Upload the videos on your blog]

Hidden Truth of Jawab Deh [1/4] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5pJ8CZFbOU&feature=related

Hidden Truth of Jawab Deh [2/4] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZr0b_e5dmI&feature=related

Hidden Truth of Jawab Deh [3/4] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MXaOTlqbXw

Hidden Truth of Jawab Deh [4/4] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIPT-KveS_s

Detail Text:

Click the link to watch the video and comment.

GEO TV & Kamran Khan vs Lies of Dr Shahid Masood.


GEO TV, Kamran Khan and the Lies of Dr Shahid Masood


Aamir Mughal said...

Mr Shaheen Sehbai in fervour of "Get Asif Ali Zardari" is ready to give importance to the negative statements of Musharraf against Zardari whereas Mr Shaheen Sehbai himself used to trash Musharraf in his web based magazine South Asia Tribune [Shaheen Sehbai Founded this magazine after he escaped from Pakistan in 2002 to seek political asylum in USA]. Let say and assume that Musharraf is right about Zardari [as per Shaheen Sehbai] but then question arises about Shaheen Sehbai's veracity about Musharraf???

General (R) Pervez Musharraf as per Shaheen Sehbai's articles in South Asia Tribune


Shaheen Sehbai's Analysis of General (R) Musharraf in 2003.


Aamir Mughal said...

Shaheen Sehbai Campaign against Accountability Bureau !

Mr. Shaheen Sehbai, The Present Group Editor of The News International and Former Founder Editor of American Based Web Based Magazine South Asia Tibune Mr Shaheen Sehbai in fervour of "Get Asif Ali Zardari" is ready to give importance to the Partial, Biased and Unjust Corruption Cases registered against Pakistani Politicans by Rampant Martial Law Regime of General Musharraf [1999 - 2008] with malafide intent. Whereas the same Mr Shaheen Sehabi used to trash National Accountability Bureau founded by General Musharraf, on his web based magazine South Asia Tribune [Shaheen Sehbai Founded this magazine after he escaped from Pakistan in 2002 to seek political asylum in USA]. Let say and assume that Musharraf is right about Zardari and other politicians [as per Shaheen Sehbai] but then question arises about Shaheen Sehbai's veracity about National Accountability Bureau founded by the same Military Regime in 1999???Mr Shaheen Sehbai's website on National Accountability Bureau and Accountability Process started by Musharraf Military Regime. READ THE DETAILS...


Asjad said...

Absolutely noble organization, but I have two observations: looking to the track record of most “impartial” and “composed “ barker Mr. Saleh Zaafir he deserves central position instead of junior member and they should include (not exactly red) but some tune of pink color also, since some of the comrades are also joining the band wagon…..

Addu said...

Another post which reflects extremisim and radicalism of Pakistani leftists who ,like Talibans, never hesitate to issue fatwa and declare "Kaafir" just because someone don;t agree with them.

Well done! Pakistan will be doing 'good' in the presence of fascists elements of both right and left wing.

Abdul Nishapuri said...

The only thing which distinguishes Pakistan's left wing from Taliban apologists is the fact that we condemn all forms of violence in unequivocal terms, without any ifs and buts. Also, when was the last time that a Pakistani left-winger exploded himself in a mosque, market or police station? Last but not least, we don't issues fatwas of who is kaafir and who is not; we leave that job to munafiq jamaatias and their supporters, i.e. Taliban apologists.

Aamir Mughal said...

Dear Addu,

Linking Islam with any wing e.g. Right or Left is the biggest insult itself. Islam is Islam, nor Right and neither Left.

I have contributed for this website quite often. If you want to know what is the difference between the Left and Right then one thing is very clear that if Leftist kill people then they don'd hide behind the cover of religion whereas the Rightist do that in the name of Islam, Allah, Paradise [Remember after USSR left Aghanistan these Mullahs bite each other like dogs till 911 - remember Massacre of Innocent people at the hands of JI's Gulbadin Hikmatyar, Gulbadin also Massacred Wahabis of Nooristan in Afghanistan, and last but not the least do you remember that Taliban butchered Shias of Mazar-e-Sharif and what not - let me give you a glimpse:

In my opinion Pakistan can only be run peacefully if it is to be run et all then it must be run through an Strictly Secular Constitutional System otherwise be prepared for another Yugoslavia of 90s, Lebanon of 70s [Pakistan is resembling the same picture] and 80s or latest Iraq.

Those who claim that Jinnah wanted an Islamic State should know about Jinnah that he was an Ismaili [in his early life as per the record of Bombay High Court] and then converted to Shiaism [as per Sindh High Court Record more].

Just assume that Pakistan is going to be an Islamic State [in a literal and real sense] then what School of thought will govern the country [just imagine the mess Deobandis hates Barelvis, Shia and Wahaabis, Wahaabis hate Deobandis, Barelvis, Shias, and Barelvis hate Deobandis, Wahaabis and Shias, above all if Jamat-e-Islami is allowed to run then all those mentioned above hate Jamat-e-Islami to extreme].

Aamir Mughal said...

Expose' on Ansar Abbai [praised Musharraf Martial Law in 1999 when he was in Daily Dawn]

Shame on those journalists particularly Mr. Ansar Abbasi and his side kick Mr Muhammad Ahmad Noorani.etc.etc. of Jang Group of Newspapers/GEO TV who not very long ago were demanding Treason Trial against Musharraf and the same group is giving credibility to the so-called Corruption Cases registered by the National Accountability Bureau which was concocted by an Illegal Military Regime [1999 - 2008]


DETAILS:Ansar Abbasi Praised Musharraf Martial Law, Article 6 & NAB Cases ???


Addu said...

Neshapuri Sahib, Oh Really? where did you protest against US drone attacks? where did you shed some tears for those innocent men ,women and kids who were killed in FATA tribes in carpet bombing? When did you protest against your govt that its not doing anything for missing people?

burying head in sand is not going to make your life rosy. Trust me.

Addu said...

Speaking of journalists, what about Zardari's toe licker and alcoholic Nazir Naji who is involved in corruption and his potty mouthness is available on youtube?

Ignorant leftists who believe that they never killed anyone, they are being fools that they are not remembering that hundreds of Pakistanis were killed in the era of leftist dictator Mushrraf and now Zardari. Pakistni splitted in two in the era of secularist leaders, Yahya and Bhutto and no Mullah or right winger was involved. Its better to spend some time in reading history rather making lame statements in your drawing rooms. This is not your pind where no one has access to information.

Aamir Mughal said...

Pakistni splitted in two in the era of secularist leaders, Yahya and Bhutto and no Mullah or right winger was involved. [Addu]

Dear Sir,

Read Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report and tell who is responsible.


By the way Yahya Issued a PCO and Mawdudi and Jamat-e-Islami had declared that it is good enough Islamic. Mawdudi helped Yahya through JI Terror Brigade Al Shams and Al Badar.

Aamir Mughal said...

Pakistni splitted in two in the era of secularist leaders, Yahya and Bhutto and no Mullah or right winger was involved. [Addu]

Dear Addu,

Instead of lecturing us on reading History you should go and read some history please go to the library and read. Why didn't General Zia tried Bhutto for splitting the Country? Instead Zia tried Bhutto for murder and later on that Trial was declared Murder of Trial and Judicial Murder by some of those judges who were part of that very bench who hanged Bhutto. Prof Ghafoor was member in General Zia Cabinet.


Now read how General Zia helped Zionist State of Israel.


Late Maj Gen Aboobaker Osman Mitha [The Only Memon General of Pakistan Army and he founded the Special Service Group (SSG - Commando Division of the Pakistan Army) posthumously published autobiography, Unlikely Beginnings.http://openlibrary.org/b/OL3723841M/Unlikely-beginnings
According to Gen Mitha, it was Gul Hasan who saved Brig Zia-ul-Haq, as he then was, from being sacked. Zia was in Jordan. The year was 1971. Gen Yahya received a signal from Maj Gen Nawazish, the head of the Pakistan military mission in Amman, asking that Zia be court-martialled for disobeying GHQ orders by commanding a Jordanian armour division against the Palestinians in which thousands were slaughtered. That ignominious event is known as Operation Black September. It was Gul Hasan who interceded for Zia and had Yahya let him off. Mitha was treated very badly. His Hilal-i-Jurat was withdrawn in February 1972, something that also appears to have been Gul Hasan’s handiwork.


Aamir Mughal said...


Why Zia was accepting Arms and Ammunition from Israel for Afghan Jihad [forbidden to take help from Non-Muslim particularly if it is a Jihad (Prophet Mohammad PBUH refused to take help from Non-Muslim though that Non-Muslim was more than willing to help. Reference: Saheeh Bukhari]


The most promising comparison between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Jewish State of Israel came from Gen. Zia ul-Haq. Lacking a political constituency, he skillfully exploited Islam to legitimize and consolidate his military dictatorship. Presenting himself as a simple, pious and devoted Muslim, he institutionalized religious radicalism in Pakistan. In so doing, he found Israel to be his strange ally. Toward the end of 1981, he remarked: Pakistan is like Israel, an ideological state. Take out the Judaism from Israel and it will fall like a house of cards. Take Islam out of Pakistan and make it a secular state; it would collapse. He likewise surprised many observers in March 1986, when he called on the PLO to recognize the Jewish state. As discussed elsewhere, he was actively involved both in the 1970 Black September massacre of the Palestinians in Jordan as well as in Egypts re-entry into the Islamic fold more than a decade later. From 1967 to 1970 our Commander of the Faithful Late. General Muhammad Ziaul Haq was in Jordan in Official Militray Capacity and he helped late. King Hussain of Jordan in cleansing the so-called Palestinian Insurgents, Zia and Hussain butchered many innocent Palestinians in the name of Operation against Black September {a militant organization of Palestinians}. The intensity of bloodletting by Zia ul Haq and King Hussain was such that one of the founder father of Israel Moshe Dayan said:

King Hussein (with help from Zia-ul-Haq of the Pakistani army) sent in his Bedouin army on 27 September to clear out the Palestinian bases in Jordan. A massacre of innumerable proportions ensued. Moshe Dayan noted that Hussein "killed more Palestinians in eleven days than Israel could kill in twenty years." Dayan is right in spirit, but it is hardly the case that anyone can tch the Sharonism in its brutality.

More Details: P. R. Kumaraswamy. Beyond the Veil: Israel-Pakistan Relations Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies (JCSS)

Charlie Wilson's War http://www.amazon.com/Charlie-Wilsons-War-Extraordinary-Operation/dp/0871138549 by George Crile during the so-called Afghan Jihad following things did happen;

He told Zia about his experience the previous year when the Israelis had shown him the vast stores of Soviet weapons they had captured from the PLO in Lebanon. The weapons were perfect for the Mujahideen, he told Zia. If Wilson could convince the CIA to buy them, would Zia have any problems passing them on to the Afghans? Zia, ever the pragmatist, smiled on the proposal, adding, Just don’t put any Stars of David on the boxes {Page 131-132}.


Abdul Nishapuri said...

@Addu: Intellectual fallacy or deliberate dishonesty? Do you think drones are being operated by Pakistani left wingers? Is that what you meant by left-wing extremism?

Missing people? I know many people who go missing everyday by exploding themselves in mosques, streets and bazars of Pakistan. Here is the story of one such missing person for who (and for whose likes) you seem to be shedding tears:


humza ikram said...

@ Dear Adu

can you explain your position while referring Musharaf and Yahya as leftist . it shows misconception of the right wing against the leftist .and how could you categorize alcoholic as leftist. and your comment about nazir naji is a very biased one , he has been practicing journalism for last forty years ,he never sided with the establishment like some of other journalist. and by the way whats your take on angel Ansar abbasi's property ,hotels and CNG station . (from where he got all of this and remember he does not drink too).

have peace !

Anonymous said...

ya allah ye kon sahib-e-ilam hein jo Musharaff or Zardari ku Left batate hein
hum ku tu haal aa gaya he
Subhan allah kiya parde uth chuke hein janab ki aankon se
hum ne tu Left ki history perh perh ke lagta he ghass hi katti hi
Allah karre intaha-e-Ilam or ziyada

Anonymous said...

Kamal pur Yahya Khan wala kiya he? secular Lefti wah wah. Hum jahilo ku tu aj yuk sirf ye pata tha keh only party which supported this secular lefti was Jamate Islami whose along with these secular-lefti generals made Al bader and Al shams and killed Left intellectuals in Bengal

asal haqeqat tu aj pata challi he
wah Jamat bhi kahen communist tu nahi, mughe tu ub Zia pur bhi shak he. aakhir banori town se tu nahi perha tha na Fort Brigg se perha tha
janab ke kheyalat-e-aaliya likh liye jayen aur mehfooz kur liye jayen tu aane wali naslein faida uthayen gi

Jizak allah.

Anonymous said...

@ Abdul

ye Nusrat Javed sb zinda hein ya unho ne bhi Talat hussein ki tarah kalma perh keh islam qabool kur liye he?

Wese otherday i was thinking a lot about trying to rationalize a theoretical framework to be able to classify diifferent people in Pakistan who support Taliban. but every attempt failed. if we define by line of Left/Right, it doesnt work lot of left ppl are supportive, neither do secular/non secular distinction work. believe it or not Sherren Mazari is secular by definition.
I was quite worried what theoretical frame work has to be invented but cudnt get it.
But Dr Mehdi Hassan solved my problem, he said "Islam ka dora tu kissi ku bhi kissi waqat pur sakta he"

thats quite a perfect explanation in an informal way. Its like a temporary abbereation in most of ppl who for some implicit political or personal gain support taliban as an adhoc policy
but the results are diastrous

Rabia said...

But Dr Mehdi Hassan solved my problem, he said "Islam ka dora tu kissi ku bhi kissi waqat pur sakta he"

that's brilliant

Abdul Nishapuri said...

@sherry, lol @ Islam ka dora. Personally I think it is much more complex than the "Islam ka dora". It is a combination of populism ("political ideas and activities that are intended or purported to represent ordinary people's needs and wishes"), patriotism ("the last refuge of a scoundrel"), religionism ("the opium of the people) and foolism (naam hi kafi hay)

Abdul Nishapuri said...

@sherry, NJ sahib abhi tak to zinah hain. na janay kab dora par jai. btw he is the one who gave the mr. 10% ammunition to the establishment. yak lahza ghafil boodam...

humza ikram said...

@ sherry another very dangerous thing I have notice in Adu's comment is that his whole argument is based on morality of an individual . he is questioning Nazir Naji character because he is an alcoholic and for that reason he is assuming his analyzes holds no weight since he has not passed the "character test " .

my question to adu is that what view he holds regarding Japanese , many Japanese are ethicist and still are one of the worlds most generous people.

Anonymous said...

ye tu bhool jayen bilkul, sharab tu inn logon ki nafsiayi ulghan bun gayi he. i know barre barre saliheen pete hein pur subha ku akhbar mein exactly same zuban use karte again.

Anonymous said...

Adab erz he

Ali Arqam Durrani said...

Ab yeh nai shirt K Peeni Bi pade gee Lefti banne K liye.....Ham tou gai kaam sey

Ali Arqam Durrani said...

Ham to Islam Aur Lefti Khayalaat K Sath Wahi Karte Hain....Jo Nay Sharabi Sharab Mey Paani Mila K Karte Hain....Khaalis piye gey tou behak Jain Gey....

Hahaha....It reminds me of A bollywood movie when a servant while making drink for him says...
"seth Ki Rakhi sharab tee...mey roz bottle mey se thodi nikal leta aur kami paani daal K poori kar deta...karte karte paani reh gaya sharab gai....

Pakka Commie bana K chodo gey.....

Addu said...

For all dummies: Leftist are those who despise the rule of religion just like an infidel hates Ka'ba. *nuff said*. Be it Yahya or Musharraf or now Zardari,you can find the common trend in their governments.

As far as being and ignocent, are you saying that Zardari is drunk and have no idea who is involved in drone attacks or are you endorsing that PPP government is so helpless that they dont even know what's going on in the country. *grin* and by the way, its another lame assumption that talking against lefts mean favoring Zia. This is quite a sissy argument by seculars which they try to make to support their shallow point of view. Zia,Musharraf or Zardari, all of these crooks were front end puppet to fulfill what they were ordered for.

Abdul Nishapuri said...

Addu: while your comments are amusing, I will request all moderators not to censor any one's comments on this blog, please. (Abusive or violent remarks will be deleted of course.)

Addu: I am sure someone will soon respond to your post in a more constructive manner. Thanks for your patience.

Addu said...

The phatu president was roaring while he was hiding in his own bunker. There was a time when person like ZAB used to run the party and never got affraid and now AAZ who is so frightened that he can;t even face his own jiyalas.

Aamir Mughal said...

GEO TV/JANG GROUP's Message of Hate for Pakistan.


Baluchistan is burning [ask those innocent Punjabis who have been living there since more than 60 years in Quetta and are being targeted for the mistakes of very few, they are leaving Baluchistan], NWFP is burning, Punjab is burning and GEO TV/JANG GROUP OF NEWSPAPERS have started a very dangerous and dirty game just to settle score with Zardari which will ultimately weaken Pakistan and Sindh will also burn. Criticizing Zardari for bad governance is one thing but exploiting National Assets to hound Zardari is treason and JANG GROUP AND GEO TV ARE INDULGED IN IT TO SETTLE PERSONAL SCORE

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