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30 November 2009

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Monday, 16 November 2009

The NRO and President Zardari - An analysis by Tariq Butt

Here is an analysis of the anti-democracy (in the guise of anti-NRO) campaign by the Friends of Taliban in Pakistani media and politics. The analysis is by Tariq Hussain Butt, a leader of PPP, UAE.


Naseem said...

Is it not the type of NRO in past and future?

* In proposed Balochistan package people will be release from jail and all the cases against them will be withdraw and many of them openly admitted that they are doing arm struggle.

*In coming years Taliban will be part of Afghan govt and thousands of Pakistani Taliban will be in political process without any sentences.

*In 1977 military operation in balochistan stopped after five years. All prisoners released. No general or political activist who was openly involved in arm struggle blame for any thing.

*Nawaz family with a deal with Mushraf went to Saudi Arab.

*In history of trade union thousand times after strikes when management and trade union sit on table for agreement first it decided all charge sheets will be withdrawn.

*Pholan davi, a proved dacoit in India got mercy and became Lock Saba member.

*Every dictator in Pakistan got approval for breaking constitution, from assessable.

*when Ayub khan went thousands political activist was in jail with true and false FIR but next day they start releasing them. Same thing happened when Bhutto gone.

All above example are proved crimes not only political but murders, treason etc. this NRO is nothing to do with proved cases even in some cases more then 11 years within two different governments.

If supreme court can say that last supreme court made mistake and their action null and void then if National assembly decide that the approval of ( Mushraf 12th October coup and first PCO ) was wrong and it is null and void then what going to be happened with Ch Iftikhar.

You can find hundreds example in our and in world history where for breaking stalemate with political understanding we have to do this. Opposition for NRO is not about eliminating corruption. This is a political agenda. Generals have no problems with politician’s corruption instead they encourage them so they can blackmail them. Why they hate Zardari? He is trying to make good relation with India and interested in supremacy of civil govt on Military. Fortunate of Pakistani people Nawaz sharif (not all Muslim league) also have same vision. Most of these people are not democrat in nature. They can not remove him democratically so remove him by NRO, by court or by military.

zameer said...

Pakistan could not have a stable and sustained democratic system until some Political leaders and establishment stop hatching conspiracies against democratic Govts. The wish to remove President Zardari through undemocratic means would thrust Pakistan to turmoil. Sound and fury of the political leaders on the NRO is the latest example of how the Politicians get hooked up on the single issue in the highly partisan manner, leaving aside the challenges faced by Pakistan.

The contentious issues are discussed in a highly partisan manner and the political adversaries are projected in extremely negative terms. The entire focus of all the political parties and some elements is to malign the image of the irrespective of the fact that Pakistan is at cross roads of its history and facing huge challenges. The leg pulling and conceived campaigns to destabilize Govt would worsen the situation of war on terror and economic challenges. If the same practice continues history will witness a great disaster. It is not time of party politics; it is time to save Pakistan.

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