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30 November 2009

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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Accountability of Zardari and beyond

A critical analysis by Asadullah Ghalib on the NRO Tabla and the anti-Zardari campaign


Abdul Nishapuri said...

The national mistrust of President Zardari and his advisory corps is not necessarily misplaced. But our impatience with democracy certainly is. This is a time for real politicians and democrats to stand up and be counted. Stupidly, almost as if on cue, the obdurate and unlearning Imran Khan calls for mid-term elections, while most wisely (no matter what feelings are bottled up in Lahore), Mian Nawaz Sharif urges more patience, and much caution.

The NRO list hullabaloo is yet more manufactured and faux umbrage. We should be clear about what the NRO represents. It represents a list of alleged thieves, swindlers and all-round scumbags that has been edited twice. Sometimes, as not enough editors will admit, the real story is in the edits.

The first edit was the selective morality edit of an illegitimate military government. Gen Pervez Musharraf may once have wanted really clean government, but he was ultimately interested in the survival of his own government; clean, dusty or downright filthy, it really did not matter. So while his National Accountability Bureau chased down bureaucrats and politicians with selective amnesia and selective zeal, it made a conscious decision not to pursue cases against members of the military, or members of the judiciary. At least on the latter account, I am sure the General came to rue his decision.

The second edit was the selective nature of the NRO itself, as it did not include every pending case against politicians, but was instead deliberately directed towards enabling the participation of the PPP and the MQM in national politics.

An NRO list worth getting worked up about would need to be littered with as many military officer prefixes as the cushiest jobs in Pakistan's public sector were littered with during the eight years of enlightened moderation and selective accountability of Gen Musharraf's rule.

But we are not about to see such a list anytime soon. Nor are we about to see any meaningful convictions or prosecutions in this country. Because it was not just the selection of targets by Gen Musharraf that was flawed. Like everything else during those dark years, the technical processing of cases was uniformly flawed. Why? Because PMA Kakul does not train young men to be prosecutors.

The NAB and Gen Musharraf's twisted integrity drive (other than the short period of time it was run by Gen Muhammad Amjad) was not just politically biased. It was technically incompetent. And none of this should surprise us. The NAB's impure intentions and its technical unfitness are only more of the same in a Pakistan whose resilience beggars belief.

November 24, 2009 - The News: Mosharraf Zaidi

Saria Benazir said...

People must not forget that the Pakistan they are living in was created by Quaid , but saved by Bhutto.... In Another 1971, Pakistan was saved by President Asif Ali Zardari and how freaking!!!!! are those people blind or deaf , rather senseless people who want to use media as a tool to harm the government of PPP....pity on them,..they don't want to see a progressive and strong Pakistan !!!!!! the world has never ...still!!!! never forgotten the sacrifices President Zardari gave for Pakistan.....those hot days in scorching prisons.....one court to another.....the tongue being cut off...physically away from childreen and family....to save Pakistan. , to save democracy......Now even , if some people are sick, nothing can be done to help them , because they are spiritually and mentally dead to be able to understand the facts.LONG LIVE PRESIDENT ZARDARI!JEAY BHUTTO...JEAY PPP!!!

pakistanOne said...

Saria Benazir:

By “Asif Ali Zardari”, you mean Mr. 10% (that’s what international media mentioned him on his victory/game)

Listen, if you are going to equate “Asif Ali Zardari” with “Mr. Zulifqar Ali Bhutto” or PPP then you are going to betray great principles of Mr. Bhutto and his philosophy.


Abdul Nishapuri said...

For all those who love ZAB and BB, Asif Ali Zardari = PPP. Attacking the core leader of PPP is an old trick of Pakistani establishment. We witnessed this when ZAB and BB were alive. We are seeing it now.

However, those who are a member of PPP (Hamid Gul group) may have a different understanding.

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