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Monday, 23 November 2009

The common agenda of Taliban and Pakistani establishment: Go get democracy

In the following op-ed, Zamarrud Naqvi reveals the the common agenda of Taliban and Pakistani establishment, i.e., go get democracy. Currently, this scheme is being implemented at two fronts:

Taliban have increased their suicide attacks on innocent Pakistani citizens in order to destabilise the democratic government.

Agents of Pakistani establishment in media (also known as Mullah Media Alliance) have increased their attacks against the democratic government (on various pretexts, e.g. Kerry-Lugar Bill, NRO etc) in order to derail the democratic set up in Pakistan.

The objective of both of these groups is to stall the successful military operation against Taliban terrorists because an unpopular government installed in Islamabad will be more likely to be blackmailed by the establishment as well as by the Taliban terrorists. Here is the op-ed..


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Vote for Faisal said...

Really good approach ,keep it up !
Agenda of Islamabad

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