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30 November 2009

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Sunday, 22 November 2009

In defense of our Salafi (Ahl-e-Hadith) brothers and sisters

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Aamir Mughal said...

Dear Abdul,

Sir, I salute you on this Post.

To help you out, please upload the documentary given in the post below and if it is possible for you then please upload the detailed paper compiled by me on Suicide Attack and Terrorism through various sources.

Documentary: Aal-e-Saud, USA and Wahabis!


Salafi Fatwa against all kind of Terrorism

Deviant Fatwa of Allama Sajid Mir on Suicide Attacks.


Best Regards

Aamir Mughal said...

Reported in al-Bukhaaree [Book of Trials, Chpt. 'The afflictions will come from the East' 9/166 no. 214 Eng. Trans]

This Hadith was about Iraq because Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] while standing point his finger toward Iraq. We all know Caliph Ali [May Allah be pleased with him] was martyred in Kufa and many other such tragedies.


Amongst the trials that arose in Iraaq and the east was the martyrdom of Alee, the martyrdom of the grandson of the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, the first battle between the Muslims occurred in Iraaq, and many more.


Saad said...

I fail to see the point of this Post. You can't not cut the cake and have it at the same time. The bottom line remains that standard bearers of Salafism or Wahabism that include everyone with monetary or political power to whatever degree, including the Saudi clergy and ruling family along with their Kuwaiti peers, pour in billions of dollars into madrassas across the world. They ensure that science, maths and social studies remains absent from their syllabus and disdain for those who accordingly are not on the righteous path is effectively indoctrinated. The article quotes notes of dissents along with some window dressing that is effectively done by the Saudis in face of US pressure.

Ideologies may dictate otherwise, however, what matters is how their followers or a majority of them view it. In this case we have so far failed to see any tangible steps by those who preach salafism.

According to Wafaqul-madaris al arbiya-
there are currently 2.5 million students enrolled in their madaariss,
2.5 million x Rs2,000 per month x 12
comes to a staggering sixty billion rupees, most of this comes from the gulf.

Also, even though it has been correctly pointed out that there are different ideologies at work today and in the past. The point is no longer relevant in todays world. The Deobandi school of thought has been effectively taken over by the wahabi clergy, so the difference of history was effectively done away with when what shall I call it the Union of Crowns took place during Afghan war.

Indeed, there are groups who are working against these monarchies but they are only spoken against by the Saudis when it comes back to bite them in the rare, funding doesn't stop and course of action does not change.

They are playing with fire, it is natural that they will eventually get burned but it is not before many others have paid for their adventurism.

I thought this blog was religion-free and Pakistan specific. This post, as it is does not merit a place on this blog.

Admin said...

@skunk: Thanks for your comments. We value them. Our aim in this post is to reveal and confront stereotypes against all groups and individuals.

On another note, we are in favour of separation of religion from state. This, however, does not mean that we are against religion, per se. Please refer to LUBP's commitment to the 1970 manifesto of PPP:


Admin said...

@dear Aamir: Thank you!

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