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30 November 2009

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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Pakistan after President Zardari

Hasan Nisar presents a realistic picture of a scenario even if the minus-one (minus-Zardari) formula of the pro-Taliban and anti-democracy establishment is implemented in Pakistan. Next is a column by Latif Chaudhry in which he compares certain senior members of the Mullah Media Alliance (Pakistani Taliban Union of Journalists) with the eunuchs (cheekhay) of the Mughal era. Only if wishes were horses...


Saria Benazir said...

President Asif Ali Zardari is the saviour of Pakistan & democracy and led the nation at a time when it was completely hopeless..rather Pakistan was about to split up into pieces after the events following Bibi Shaheed's assassination.Now , if he has become the President , he has the complete right over it ,... for he's the person , who has given more sacrifices for democracy than any other leader here.The people of Pakistan have faith in his leadership and such people should stop day dreaming..they can never finish PPP or President Zardari's Government bcz v prefer death to cowardice. LONG LIVE ZARDARI,...ZARDARI JI HAQOOMAT KHAPPAY..ASANJO PAKISTAN KHAPPAY!!!

zameer said...
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zameer said...

After the assassination Benazir Bhutto, the country was at verge of destruction, and it was at that time that the now President Zardari raised the slogans of “Pakistan Khapay”, yeh it did lots of healing, especially in the Sindh. President Zardari has not only shown insight and lots of sagacity in dealing with the redoubtable challenges faced by the country; he has also done a lot at the most difficult stage of the history. Mind you leading Pakistan in these tough times is the world’s most unwanted job and that is what is done by Zardari and he is doing it with full commitment and courage when even the opposition in Pakistan is not ready to face the music and they are happy with the current arrangements as they don’t have to take the brunt. Despite severe criticism Zardari is managing to stand upright and he is also dealing with uptight situation Pakistan is facing today. Attempts are being made to remove him from presidency and this is not for the first time that PPP leadership is facing this mess. Wishful thinking of few factions of media are underway. It was Zardari who saved Pakistan by chanting Pakistan Khappy and God forbid if conspirators succeed in their aims, repercussion would be disastrous.

Zain Baloch said...

Its the justice of time with the blessing of GOD who made Asif Ali Zardari the elected president of Pakistan. PPP is the only party who always loosed personally as well as politically as compare to anyone else in the country & faced all the challenges of dictatorship & anti-democratic forces very courageously so let them govern peacefully for the complete restoration of democracy.

Pakistan Khappay!!!

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