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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Transparency International 2009 Report on Pakistan: An Analysis

In its annual Corruption Perceptions Index, the TI said Pakistan’s 2009 Corruption Perceptions Index Score is 2.4, and of the 180 countries and in its ranking as the most corrupt country it has slipped five ranks, from 47 in 2008 to the 42nd most corrupt country in 2009. (In Nawaz Sharif's government in 1999, Pakistan was 13th most corrupt country in the world.)

TI Pakistan Chairman Syed Adil Gilani said TI Pakistan was of the view that terrorism was the direct result of poverty, which had resulted due to corruption, especially the illegal direct, or indirect, rule of armed forces in Pakistan since 1951 to 2007. The endorsements provided to military regimes by a corrupt judiciary were also to be blamed.

Adil said positive impact of the few good governance steps taken by the government would be visible by the next year.

He mentioned the reinstatement of sacked judges by the Prime Minister through an executive order on March 16, declaration by the Supreme Court chief justice of zero tolerance for corruption and the withdrawal of the National Reconciliation Ordinance from the National Assembly as positive steps.

He said TI Pakistan also congratulated the Pakistan Army, which had proved to the world that Pakistan’s military were among the best in the world.

“The elimination of terrorists in Swat in two months is what the US and NATO forces have failed to achieve in 8 years in Iraq and Afghanistan, which has made Pakistan a proud nation,” TI Pakistan said. (Daily Times, 17 Nov 09)

Here is a critical and realistic analysis by Abbas Ather:

Here is another critical analysis by Rauf Klasra in which he compares politicians' corruption with the military rule's corruption in Pakistan:


Saria Benazir said...

Well, the PPP government has always been trying its best to reduce corruption as the govt has always been showing zero tolerance 2 it , rather , Pakistan has underwent corruption bcz of the wrong policies of dictators who after clearing the public treasury b'cum as clear from sins as a child.......That's what no one understands .....Looking back , even in the civilian govt like that of Nawaz Sharif , there was too much corruption..It has only been PPP that has always tried its best to eradicate corruption.

Fahim Umrani said...


May be you are right but apparently there is nothing concrete that can be presented to the public which support your evidence that PPP is trying tis best to reduce the corruption. Probably except appointing opposition leader as head of Public Accounts committee - I am not aware of anything that they have done regarding that. Instead they have tried to immunize parliamentarians in their new bill of accountability.

Recently President Zardari is alleged of buying a land in Islamabad worth of 2 arab Rs. just in 6 crore Rs and till date no clarification or explanation has been given!

Admin said...

@Fahim Umrani: The following posts might help you:



Saria Benazir said...

Well , as you're saying so , after PPP came in power , it has opened up new projects for public welfare , without doubt , today too, Pakistan is facing the menance of corruption but that's just because of the wrong policies of the dictators who do not want to see a progressive Pakistan and because of them ,today , Pakistan's economy has reached a low ebb....Added to this , the gift of dictators to the nation in the form of terrorism and extremisn has further worsened the situation but one can't blame PPP for that . When PPP came in power , it has made and is making all out efforts to eradicate corruption.

Unknown said...

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