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30 November 2009

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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Asif Ali Zardari: A symbol of courage and determination

By Usama Bhutto

Skies doth bleed that December evening. The world painted a gloomy picture of South East Asia. Epicenter of change was jolted to its very foundations. Daughter of the East left in the dying hours of that fateful day. Every eye looked upon in anguish and dismay towards the scattering federation of Pakistan. From the sands of Garhi a voice resounded “Pakistan Khappay”. The dust settled; Pakistan lived.

Asif Ali Zardari was at the thelm of events following the assassination of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. Entrusted with her political legacy and ideals, the Feburary elections were a litmus test for Asif Ali Zardari. The Pakistan Peoples Party steered into the most important elections in the history of Pakistan. A dictator strangled the democratic process and its minions threatened the Federation and it Federating Units alike. Asif Ali Zardari emerged as the sole flag bearer of Reconciliation and the people of Pakistan brought about a revolution on 18th Feburary as the PPP won an overwhelming majority through the length and breadth of Pakistan. Thus the people expressed their confidence in the PPP and its Co-Chairman Asif Zardari.

A novel experiment of coalition government in Pakistan has been by far the greatest achievement of Asif Zardari. Where political rivalries could sprout and dismantle the system, his shrewd political insight annihilated the dirty ideas of anti-democratic alliances when the PPP entered into a coalition Government not only at the centre but in all the four provinces of Federation. The challenges to democracy remained in focus and Asif Zardari had a sound grip over the pulse of change.

The PPP has been a democratic entity struggling to rid the nation of continued dictatorships and their adversaries. It has had a long history of struggle and sacrifices in this regard. From Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to Shahnawaz Bhutto and Mir Murtaza to Benazir, Bhutto, the PPP has never turned its back to the people. Despite the fact that its sitting Co-Chairman Asif Zardari was kept in extra-judicial captivity for more than a decade, the PPP has stood steadfast in its stance and beliefs.

Asif Zardari was politically victimized by the stooges of dictators for more than two decades now. A greater part of his life spent behind the bars when a family and young children looked upon him, his courage and determination is exemplary.

Asif Zardari has been a target of character assassination since he stepped into the shoes of Bhutto. Fabricated corruption stories were bubbled through the Pro-Taliban and anti-democratic elements in the media and political circles alike. Extremist elements have long since conspired to unite under a single point agenda of Minus-Zardari set-up. A set-up intended to benefit the enemies of democracy, Islam and Pakistan.

Spetember last Asif Zardari was democratically elected by the Legislative bodies of Pakistan with an over-whelming majority. Unparalleled in the history of Pakistan. The conspiracy theorists had everything to lose before the man who was un moved by false propaganda. Jails and Courts and assassination attempts. Non issues such as the NRO and the Kerry Lugar Bill were the desperate attempts of these elements to defame a popularly elected President, yet the recent victory in Gilgit Baltistan has stricken them dumb. For PPP believes in “all power to the people”

The Gilgit Baltistan reforms and abolishment of black laws such as the FCR have been landmark victories for Asif Zardari. Above all, SAWAT and Waziristan Operations have dismantled the network of terrorism. Pakistan was at the brink of being declared a terrorist state and Asif Zardari stood up to the extremist elements with full force and vigor. The successful military operation have thus restored the confidence of the international community in Pakistan’s commitment to confront extremist elements.
Islamabad has been packed with theories and conspiracies targeting the presidency and Asif Zardari, but the power of the people of Pakistan shall defeat every ulterior motive of the forces of vile. Behind the symbol of courage and determination we stand united: Asif Ali Zardari.

Pakistan Khappay !


humza ikram said...

pakistan khappay

Jarri Mirza said...

Pakistan Khappay !!

Ali said...

I am a very strong supporter of PPP ideology. however i am not a blind supporter of PPP. i will not base my words on conspiracy theories but rather on self observation. There is a lot of incomplete and misinformation going around these days. There have been incidents in recent past where a person, if thinking logically, wonders that 'Am i to believe what the guy speaking on TV for their cause'.

one incident i would like to mention on this forum is related to the night when judiciary was reinstated by executive order. it was early morning when the decision came, the newspapers were already printed by then. you can compare the statements of PPP leaders in the newspapers(the same statements which they gave on TV the night before) and on TV that very day. it was a contrast i witnessed myself. a night before there were claims that judiciary will not be reinstated and on the next day it was said that they were waiting for the current PCO chief justice to retire. this is just one of the incidents. But i know this behavior is not unique to PPP only. However PPP leaders might have had a strong logical motive for doing this but questions should have been asked about it so that things could have gone clearer. Therefore i am blaming the media for not doing this.
if people are wondering why pakistanis are in such a dismay. the reasons could be as simple and as clear as this.

i strongly oppose people blindly believing in conspiracy theorists, media should be asking the right questions. one might say that cant you see the progress they are making in other areas. Well!! to me honesty in politics is the biggest issue and not to be tolerated or ignored on any level and sincerity has ought to be verified.

i would request the current government to be more concrete about their recent accomplishments. many times you see a statement from the government office based on nothing. People are more educated now and tend to measure things based on verifiable facts. This way the image of current government will greatly improve and the downed morale of citizens will increase.

whatever i have written is easier said than done, so being logical i have my full support for PPP government as long as their term last. And who knows we might see some changes in Pakistan never witnessed before. Its a hope and possibility i am relying on. I wish all the best to PPP for it to get successful enough in their mission and get my vote in the process next time.

Omar said...

We support you , ALi. This web site is not slavish. It is critical. We believe in democracy and the power of the people. We are against the Taliban in any garb. If you are critical of the PPP for its shortcomings, you MUST say so. You are welcome to contribute articles to this site.

Abdul Nishapuri said...

I agree with Omar and Ali on this account. While we support President Zardari in his current struggle with the pro-Taliban and anti-democracy establishment, we are acutely aware and critical of the opportunist elements which have crept into this great party, i.e. PPP. Ali, please name and shame such opportunists by all means. "Let us build Pakistan" needs contributors such as yourself.

Ahsan Shah Mental said...

As far as our support is concern we are here to give our lives to PPP.. what we need is to held semainars and conferences from the PPP platform and show our unity strength and this action will support our worker also who always sleep after ppp comes into power...
ppp single worker is like a gladiator when PPP in opossition benches.. but as we get the government PPP worker get a sleep and even no parlimenterain or party official tries to contact that poor workers..
so the to show strength we have to wake and gather up them all.. so that again on Rikshaq, Tonga, cart, and every convaince used by the poor people of Pakistan we will see Asif Zardari snap with Bhutto's DUa..
anyhow as far as zardari shb presidency is concerned... i have faith in MOLA... and i thinks that Mola nay Zardari shb ko Izat bakshi jail say Awan e Sadar tak... BB ki shahadat, zardari shb ka azeem uhday tak rasaii, is main Mola ki maslehat aur hikmat kya hai yeh Mola janta hai. Mola say DUa hai k Zardari shb ko himmat aur hosala day k wo isteqamat say Yazeedi Lashkar k muqabalay main datay rahain...

Usama said...

i think what we need to do at this time is to mobilize our supporters and show the street power in Lahore and Islamabad in particular. Say a rally in support of Zardari Sahab and against all such elements conspiring against the presidency. PPP has a street power unmatched by anyone else. These Media reports have done enough a damage to the image of the governemt and that too at a greater cost. what we need to do is to raise the bar for these opportunists and show them the power of the people. Believe me, even if a 1000 Jiyalas come on Mall road today and shout slogans in support of our government and zardari, these TV channels and their pro taliban anchors will have a run.

Huba said...

President Zardari the man wid Courage who suffered alot in his time's spent his most of the time in Jail etc...!Now it is the time to support him in his efforts for the country to support him in making Pakistan a DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY !!

Bukhari said...

I Agree with all of you. I think PPP should arrange some kind of event, a get togather of supporters, who can mobilize the people and spread the words about policies. Especially the young generation.

Fahim Umrani said...

As opposed to what media is propagating I am being a supporter of PPP's idealogy is very optimist about the future of Pakistan under current set-up.

However, I see some very serious inadequecies in the PPP's ministers and party. They need to be more transparent and accessible to the people. Even the good things they are doing, are not being capitalized due to their sheer incompetency. Examples are BB income support program, War on terror, progress on Balochistan and efforts to eradicate Energy crisis.

Public is loosing patience and they must as soon as possible take some measures in shape of 18th Amendment, NFC award, and more importantly set-up an institution for Accountability!

Herry said...

Asif Ali Zardari such nice man

Darvaishbaba said...

Indeed President Zardari is symbol of courage. He made Musharraf quit through a historic move and a series of complex negotiations along with political diplomacy. Mr. Zardari brought all political forces of the country under one umberrella and this unprecedented act was accomplished without any violence. Zardari is being targeted by anti-democratic forces for vilification and persecution and bore the hardship with fortitude. The fact is this he spent eleven and a half years in prison in conditions often unacceptable by human rights standards, without any charge ever being proven against him. He won election as MNA and as senator while in prison. Despite many offers from the government of the time to leave PPP or to go abroad under a negotiated political exit, he remained committed to Party goals and continued his fight for justice and the return of a democratically elected civilian leadership.

Saria Benazir said...

President Zardari is really a man of courage..One of the greatest people history has so far witnessed,,,The man _ who saved & led Pakistan at the most crucial moment and helped solve the political crisis in the country. Indeed , the sacrifices he made for democracy are truly unforgettable .PAKISTAN KHAPPAY!!! JEAY BHUTTO !! JEAY BENAZIR!! JEAY ZARDARI!!

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