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Wednesday, 1 April 2009


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Anonymous said...

160 million Pakistanis have been conned into self distruction

This game has been played before when so called peace deal was negotiated in FATA area after the election and broken in a similar way in sort time, which backfired on ANP badly.
The aim was for pak army to fight American war, with the support of the Pakistani people but this did not work.
Conspiracy & evidence
common conception is that America was against sharia law in swat but realty is different,
check the following,
Telegraph 17. feb. 2009 writes
American officials have privately backed Pakistan's "Sharia law for peace" deal with Taliban militants in the Swat Valley despite publicly criticising it as a "negative development".
journalist and tv anchor Qudsia Kadri also made this very revealing point in Sawal Yeh Hai 6 may

this is the same game that was played with Iraqi leader sadam hussain before the first iraq war by the Americans,
their ambassador gave sadam hussain wink and nod to invade Kuwait, so that they will have a pretext to invade Iraq in turn, which they did and had the backing of all the world.

Same game is played with Pakistani people,
In swat sharia law is encouraged privately but Americans told the world that they are against this Islamic law,
They have succeeded again, it seams as all Pakistani people are backing military action against Taliban, where as they were dead against military action before sharia law.
1)The timing is like an open book,
After the first failure in fata , swat came into limelight and question of Shariat popped and swat is put on fire.
Swat Taliban armed covertly as they were getting stronger and stronger,
2) all of a sudden sufi Muhammad became none violetant
and a peacefull person to deal and negotiated with, all this time sufi Muhammad and his group is been portrait as moderates.
3) suddenly Taliban appear in bunair & dir and operation starts straight away,
4)The elusive Sufi Muhammad and other taliban mullahs come on all tv channels with exclusive interviews in just one or two days,
saying thinks That any fool would know will not be acceptable to 99% of Pakistanis, but will be music to the ears of the Americans propagandists.
5)Timed Just before zardaris visit to American masters,

Anp philosophy
ANP, the Secular party that was dead against sharia law,
always wanted to annihilation of political islam,
how can they embrace sharia law.
ANP has always tried to hoodwink Pak-army and people to achieve their secular, american, separatist agenda,
Purpose & goal of America & their agents,

the purpose of this game was to get the pak army fighting for america, with the support of all pakistanis,
plus Discredit islam and sharia

sufi Muhammad motives
this so called Maulana is very suspect, he knowingly or unknowingly is an agent of America and the west, he has said every thing that our enemy would like to hear from a muslim leader,
and ever thing the common muslim don't want to hear,
the dogma that creates fitna,
The main supporters of military action,
america, zardari, PM, altaf's MQM, bacha khan's ANP, other coconut, and lafafa journalist, when did last time these actors work for the interest of pakistan. or the betterment Pakistanis ??????????????
it makes me laugh and cry to see how most of the media have united to support self distraction.
it seems that media people are opinion followers rather than opinion makers, no thinking or home work,
I know Some people will say what is the answer
There are many different armed groups in this troubled areas,
Supported by 1)raw 2)CIA 3)Mosad 4) Russia 5) anti Pakistan Afghanis 6) yes Iran 7)Saudi Arabia 8) Pashtoon separatists 9) baloch separatists,10) jihadists 11) alqieda 12)other Islamic firkas, All known as talibans.
So the army action is not the answer to such cocktail of militants groups.
This is the job for intelligence agencies,
It is for SIS to go in, investigate and pick them one by one,
If the military and the govt were honest with it’s people than this what they should be doing, but they are not honest.
Dishonesty shows when you think sufi Muhammad and all his gang were left to disappear in to mountains and the innocent people are been bombed and killed for no objective.
I pray people start thinking rather than have heard mentality.

Unknown said...

zardari should resign and face the cases. he should know that bad is good but defamed is worst.

Unknown said...

This is the second attempt from Military establishment of Pakistan to take over PPP.In their first attempt,after Shahadat of BB, Military establishment tried to take over PPP through Makhdoom Amin Fahim. Asif Zardari was the one who saved the party of Bhutto's by defeating all the odds . In their on going attempt they already have back door channels with Anti-Zardari elements in PPP and they think that if they will able to knock down Zardari from Presidency, on one hand they will be able to push a revolt within the PPP against Zardari and on the other hand no Makhdoom or Shah will be able to confront the establishment.
Geo network is scared of Military establishment and can not afford refuse to become a tool against Co-Chairperson of PPP.Geo lost millions during Musharrf's 77 days ban on network and can not afford to turn down the dictation from military establishment of Pakistan.Can we do anything to save Pakistan Peoples Party from a military take over?

Unknown said...

Scriptures on morality uniformly condemned vanity as a sin but look at the audacity of Hamid Mir who was jokingly approached by the host of the "Eik Din Geo Key Sath" for appearing as a celebrity on the show. Our pseudo-intellectual,defender of the faith and staunch proponent of strategic death (sorry depth)was so enamored of the idea, that according to Geo insiders he lobbied for this appearance and is now butt of every media person's jokes.

Unknown said...

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari Speech on the Foundation Day of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP)


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