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30 November 2009

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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Talat Hussain slaps Shaheen Sehbai and Shahid Masood

Frequently in their TV appearances (on Geo TV) and newspaper columns (in Jang and The News), agents of anti-democracy establishment, e.g. Shaheen Sehbai, Dr Shahid Masood, Ansar Abbasi and their cronies, have openly or implicitly invited General Kayani to intervene into political affairs of the country in an ultra-constitutional manner.

In the following op-ed, Talat Hussain condemns all such elements who are trying to derail democracy in Pakistan by encouraging or supporting military intervention into political affairs of the country. Talat Hussain requests General Kayani to pay no heed to such illegitimate voices.

We at Let us build Pakistan agree with Talat Hussain's analysis, and request Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry to direct police to arrest all such so-called journalists (black sheep in the journalist community) and also their ruthless owners, and award maximum exemplary punishment to them under the Article 6 of Pakistan's constitution.


pejamistri said...

It is indeed very naive of the team of letusbuildpakistan to consider this very provocative and indeed an article that has all the characteristics of inciting the army (as a matter of fact written on behalf of the army) to act against a democratically elected government.
As a mature political worker , LUBP should understand that the modus operandi of army have never changed , Talat Hussains of this world are as good/bad as the Sehbai's of this world. They are acting in the grand movie written and directed by no other than the COAS and his cronies.
Remember always in the battle of democracy army is always the enemy force. So regardless of whether an analyst asking the army to move in or another analyst asking the army to stay away , they are saying exactly the same thing.
There is no anti-democratic force in Pakistan other than the military of Pakistan period.
When AZ says that he might have to go out of president house handcuffed it is not because CJ will do anything , neither it is because Shahid Masood and Sehbahi's have any force to do so, it will be only by one force in Pakistan which has the naked power to bulldoze the will of Pakistan.
Talat Hussain's of this world are nothing but fine actors in this drama only problem is that they charge very high fees (and that is at the expense of people of Pakistan).

CHINI said...

Pakistan need unity faith and trust with each one
PVC card

Faaizmuhammad said...

Mr. Talat hussain was wrong when he stopped General Kiyani to join political leaders in the race of politics. With hindsight today we are in a huge crisis just because of that bogus restoration of democracy and blind hopes from this system. this black democracy of black guards and muffahimatti corrupts has put us whole nation into a dark well. as here even today live pakistan news cries of dying people are heard but pretended as unheard. What a misery!

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