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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Dr. Shahid Masood exposed in Jawabdeh, story of lifafah journalists, and Salman Taseer's letters to Shahbaz Sharif.....

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Studiant said...

Shahid Masood. You are the champion of Islam. You are the voice of Lal Masjid and Jamea Hafsa. Please come back and fool these right wingers once again.

fanclub said...


Doctor shahid masood khan URFF GENralist suna kia haal hay aajkal tera ? kahan gumm hay aajkal ?
Kia kaha ? Underground hay?
woh kiun ?kia logon ko teri haqeeqat ka pata chal gia ?
ohhhhooo….hajj ki wajah say ? bhai hajj ki wajah say tu kiun underground hay?
ohhhhh.abb samajh mein aya ….saray haji pathar utha kar tujhay kankarian marnay niklay hoay hain….
theek hay yaar chuppa reh,yeh baycharay Shaitan ko marnay saudi arab gay hain, aur Shaitan unkay GEO TV mein baitha hay,,,,
acha yaar choor lanat bhaij shaitan kay zikar pay…..
yaar naraz kiun ho jata hay shaitan par lanat bhaijnay say ?
achha yeh bata Eid pay kia karay ga ?
kia matlab ?
bakray zibah karay ga?
yaar qurbani ki khaalain sari altaf bhai ko bhaij daina,warna teri khaal udhair day ga kaalia.samjhay.
baki aur suna aaj kal kaisa chal raha hay tera dhanda ?i mean teri GENeralism ….
haan yaad aya ,tera GENral yaar aaj kal bara fit hay teray raqeeb kay sath ?teri chamak challlloo aaj kal uskay sath fit ja rahi hay…
udas kiun ho gia?

acha tu dil bura na kar ch*t*ay….aur suna
eid pay khoob churrian taiz kar raha hay?
waisay yaar tu hay bahut ******,TV pay sara kam Qainchi say karta hay,aur eid pay churri say.
tera kam qasai wala hay,
kia matlab? achha,haan yaar tu theek keh raha hay,tu waisay bhi Dokutar hay na,wahan bhi kaatna yahan bhi kaatna,aur ,,khair…
yaar mood kiun kharab kar raha hay,achha chal nahi karta dialogue… waisay yeh bata teray Dialogue ka kia hoa? chal raha hay? achha,,, zabardast. waooow.maal bana raha hay na ?
theek hay ,,,laga reh….Teray Mutabiq…sari qaoum ch*t*a hay….mooooj kar…chal phir tu Bakray ki khaal utar…miltay hain,Kaltak

Abdul Nishapuri said...

@studiant: you were so right when you predicted in November 2008 that this Taliboo doctor will be, once again, able to deceive the semi-literate Pakistanis, day in and day out.

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