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30 November 2009

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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Dirty propaganda against Salman Taseer & his family by the pro-Taliban right-wingers of Nawaz Sharif & Jamaat Islami. What do ordinary Pakistanis say

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Anonymous said...

Salman tasser from day one has been a controvercial governor. He is most undignified person to have risen to that post, but PPP has on its credit persons like Khar who as governor did unimaginble things. Please read My feudal Lod by his Ex wife

Moni said...

Aint they the same people (Nawaz Sharif and Qazi) who designed an ugly propaganda campaign against Imran and Jemima in 1990s? Why are Imran Khan and his groupies silent on this personal defamation of Salman Taseer?

Anonymous said...

There is nothing new about Mr. Taseer; he is commonly known as "Mr. Fitna" is his old circles. I would request blog manager to change subject of this blog to "PROPGANDA AGAINST DIRTY SALMAN TASEER".

This “peena” “pilana”, “nudity” etc. is culture of Pakistan Paleed Party. So, jiyalas don’t find anything objectionable in this propaganda

We deserve this; as what we sough the same we are reaping.

"...Qaum ka zaleel tareen shaksh us ka sarbrah ho ga......"

mohtaseb said...

actually, salman taseer must be labelled as kafir because he drinks. how about madam tahira fame mullah samiul haq, ISI and cia funds fame qazi hussain ahmed, tehmina durrani and viagra fame shahbaz sharif and captain safdar fame mariam nawaz sharif. la hol wala quwaat.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

what the hell you are doing here at this site,,,all of u bloody bastd ppp workers and supporters....all of you are fuking pakistan ....just go to hell you bull shit zardari and his gaandu supporters

Shan said...

anonymous,lol thank you the servant of Islam, PML-N and Imran Khan.

Shaheryar Ali said...

Now i tell you what a "gandu" is. Salman Taseer's father started fighting against British colonialist, after them he kept struggling against their stooges who ruled Pakistan, facing threats from state, agencies, governments but stood firm. Salman Taseer fought against General Zia and later against his bastard son Nawaz Sharif. He was tortured in Lahore fort. But he stood firm. Nawaz Shaif got him abducted by police and had him tortured in police station, he was hanged from the roof. But he stood firm
Than Mr Sharif was in jail, and he starting crying in court of law, begging for a McDonald's burger. Than he begged Indians, Saudis ,Mush, signed a paper asking forgiveness, promising that he will leave politics and ran away to live in a palace when his workers were in jails.

You see thats what a gandu is.

Anonymous said...

I am a scholar of Jinnah. Let me clarify a few things for you on comparing Jinnah and Taseer or Imran Khan.

Imran Khan is a pathan and the pathans have strict form of islam so he is hypocrite to the community standards and his majority ethnicity.

Taseer, a relative of Faiz Ahmad Faiz - communist is consistent with the family values. But he is an Urdu speaking Mohajir and not a punjabi. So its his community with their own fundamentalists who have to deal with him.

Jinnah was an Agha Khani Ismaili - follower of the Agha Khan. They have their own Imam, and their own interpretation of Islam. Was Jinnah consistent with it ? Certainly. He may have tried alcohol once or twice, nothing wrong with it - so that one can start hating that ethanol. He was not a drinker. There is nothing wrong with marrying a Parsi as long as they believe in God. Many of the religion is now a cultural thing for parsis and hindus. Many have become monotheists.

However, for Salman Taseer's kids to have raised in this close atmosphere with girls running around half naked at this age of adolescence is inviting trouble on themselvs. The post modern christian/european/american society is better able to cope with this kind of arrangement than the muslims. Some criticise them from jealousy or with goal to inspire jealousy. I pity them because its such a waste of youth. One should be engrossed in intellectual pursuits in the age of adolescence.

Shaheryar Ali said...


"My Feudal Lord" was not written by Salman Taseer's ex wife. It was written by Gulam Mustafa Khar's ex wife Tehmina Durrani. She was wife on some one, had an affair with Khar, married Khar left Khar, wrote a book against him.

Now Tehmina Khar is wife of Mr Shahbaz Sharif and Mustafa Khar is flirting with Nawaz Sharif

dont abuse facts at least

Shaheryar Ali said...

Mr Jinnah drank a lot. It is said about him "he lived on Whiskey , cigar and will power". He also ate pork.

Read any good book on him like that by Wolphert.

Shaheryar Ali said...

and Salman Taseer is Not urdu speaking Mohajar. For heavens sake. He is son of Dr MD Taseer, first south asian to do Phd in English literature from Cambridge University. He was a Punjabi Arien from Amritsur.
He was one of the founder of Progressive writers association a great poet and critic. The Nikah of MD Taseer n his wife [Alice Faiz] sister was conducted by Allama Iqbal himself. The only Nikkah he ever conducted

What a shame Pakistanis have lost all touch with history and live on lies Zia and Nawaz teach them

Shaheryar Ali said...

And Mr Jinnah belonged to a Aga Khani Gujrati family , thats right but did he ever practiced that faith is not known.
The affidavit Mr Jinnah submitted in Bombay high court in case of Miss Rutti Petit [later Rutti Jinnah] stated that he was "Asna Ashri" or "Shia".
The Nikah with Rutti Jinnah was done according too twelver Shia [Asna Ashri] faith. Raja Shaib Mehmood Abad himself a Shia arranged it.

Dr Mehdi Hassan and Mubarak Ali are still alive these facts can be confirmed from them

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