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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Charsadda Attack and the Friends of Taliban

چارسدہ میں دھماکہ

Charsadda, 10 November 2009. More than 30 people were killed and over 50 injured in a car bombing in Pakistan's north-western city of Charsadda, health officials said on Tuesday.

The blast occurred at a busy market in the town, which is located around 30 kilometres north-east of Peshawar, the capital of North-West Frontier Province.

'It was a suicide bombing. The bomber was riding a Suzuki Alto car,' district police chief Riaz Khan said. 'We have recovered his body parts.'

Shahzeb Khan, a health official at the main state-run hospital in Charsadda, said over the phone that 'more than 30 bodies and over 50 injured were moved here.' He said dozens more critically injured were taken to Peshawar.

'The death toll may rise because there are so many people who are in critical condition,' said the health official.

Express television quoted an eyewitness as saying that the bomber rammed his car into other vehicles and push-carts at the market.

Dozens of shops and several vehicles on the road were destroyed in the blast that also snapped the power cables and shattered the windowpanes of buildings in the vicinity.

No one has claimed responsibility for the bombing but the suspicion fell on Taliban, who have intensified attacks on civilian and official targets since mid-October when the military launched a major assault in their heartland of South Waziristan - a remote district near the Afghan border.

Around 30,000 ground troops are pitched against some 10,000 guerrilla fighters in the operation that Pakistan has described as crucial for its campaign to root out rising Islamic militancy.

Friends of Taliban

Here are the people responsible for brainwashing and developing suicide bombers, i.e. the notorious Taliban spokespersons and apologists in Pakistani media and politics. These are the real criminals; these are the traitors who develop footsoldiers against the Pakistani nation and its institutions.

A Taliban terrorist arrested in Lower Dir. (resembles Ansar Abbasi?) Source


Anonymous said...

In order to understand the apathy of these so called friends of taliban one needs to study philosophy of Jamat. Mizaj shanas-e-rasool hazat abul ala Maududi wrote awam kutte or khanzeer hein.
They all consider people to be dogs and pigs, because they vote for infidel parties not for jamat-e-saliheen. Because people dont support these taliban, they consider them halal-ud-dum. like they gave fatwas for east Pakistani ppl that they are "halal-ud-dum", people whose murder is halal

Molana Sami-ul-haq, the beacon of morality and Chasity, who by the way was hero of porn flick associated with "Madam Tahria" scandal, said the murder of civilians in USA and Europe is halal because they pay tax to their govt who is at war, with that logic Pakistanis who pay tax to govt, anyone who pay bill can be murdered because govt of PK has declared war as well. So these pakistani who dont stop the govt by blowing themselves up are like enemies. so they blow them up, their friends dont say a thing--dogs and pigs

Aamir Mughal said...

Dear Sherry and Friends,

Read a book on Mawdudi [From Childhood to Death in USA]. REAL EXPOSE' ON MAWDUDI AND CO.

Mudodi Khumeni do bhai, Moudoodi and Khumeni two Brothers


Khan Ch said...

please add charsadda chappals collection. Thanks

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