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30 November 2009

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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

ISI and Our Corrupt Generals - An Analysis

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Shaheryar Ali said...

Abdul , paindu and Sarah this is a great work you guyz are doing. i salute you.

This question should be asked that Why great Justice Iftikhar too refused to listen to petition of Asghar Khan.
His bias is self manifested

Abdul said...

Sherry, Tank you so much, mon ami, my friend.

Re IMC, your question is very valid. It would appear that IMC has been very "selective" in his choice of cases at the SC.

Aamir Mughal said...

Why Musharraf alone? By Murtaza Razvi Thursday, 30 Jul, 2009 | 08:27 AM PST |

Public memory anywhere is short-lived. In Pakistan it is also steered by the shortsightedness of those who insist on erasing it from the record altogether. The transition to democracy is hardly a fait accompli as we speak. Democratic institutions weakened by Gen Musharraf’s tinkering with the constitution are far from being stable entities today. While anyone in their right mind must blame the general for the mess at hand, the judiciary should also show the moral courage to shoulder its part of the blame.

The fact that it was the Supreme Court headed by the same honourable chief justice which gave Gen Musharraf the right to amend the constitution single-handedly in May 2000 cannot be overlooked. This was far more than what the then chief executive had expected to get from the apex court; he had just sought indemnity for the circumstances under which the Oct 12, 1999 coup took place. The general himself did not stage the coup from mid-air, aboard a PIA commercial flight which was not even in Pakistani airspace when the 111 Brigade struck to depose the prime minister.

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