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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Eid Miladun Nabi versus Talibanisation

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Anonymous said...

According to all four Islamic schools of Jurisprudence there is no third Eid.

It's history can traced back to celebration started by a King and have no place in Shariah.

If people love Prophet so much they can show the love by doing things he commanded to do and pass his message to all the people of world.

Abdul said...

@Anon: Can you please write down the names of "all four Islamic schools of Jurisprudence"?

Also, you may wish to use your real name or a pseudonym instead of remaining 'anonymous'.

Raazi said...

@Anonymous: Do you belong to Salafi school of "no jurisprudence"?

Anonymous said...

The man named "Anonymous" is correct. I will go farther than him and say that none of the Sahaba of the Prophet Muhammad(SAWS) ever started a milad. If the milad was so important, then the Prophet (SAWS) would have done it in his lifetime. And even if he didn't, the Sahaba and Khulafa ArRashideen. On the subject of Eid, it is known by hadith of the Prophet(SAWS) that there are only 2 Eids: Eid ul Fitr, which is after Ramadan, and Eid ul Adha, which is the day commemorating the sacrifice of the ram by Ibrahim(AS) instead of Isma'il(AS).

Anonymous said...

Sorry, part of the sentence was not finished. I was saying that the Prophet(SAWS), the Sahaba, and the Tabi'een never did milads. Milads are done due to weakness. Due to the fact that people themselves cannot do what Allah(SWT) commands and they think this can suffice.

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