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30 November 2009

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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Long March: Nawaz Sharif's banaspati revolution, made in Punjab.

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Raazi said...

NS is once again trying to revive Pujabi chauvinism in Pakistan. Jaag Punjabi Jaag Teri Pag Noon Lag Gaya Daagh.

Socrates said...

Long (read Wrong) March poorly failed in Karachi.
Pakistan's most popular party Nawaz League (kidding :) ), Jamaat-e- (ghair) Islami, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Imran (PTI), (non)Labour Party Pakistan, Sunni Tehrik and Lawyers (liars) etc etc were not able to even brought more than 2000 people on roads !!!
Remember KARACHI has population of around 12 million and it is the very city where MQM and PPP can bring hudreds of thousands of people on road and that too on a very short notice !!!

Chunna said...

Socrates, you are wrong. It was a massive rally in Karachi. Pooray 150 police wallay thay and 20 wakeel.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Chunna that the rally was massive, in spite of PPP-MQM government using legal (yet illegitimate) means to invoke Article 144 to intimidate people and weaken their morale.

Reading the above comments with great interest, I sincerely hope that self-claimed "critical supporters" of PPP would not just buy their party's arguments but also dissent, like in this restoration of judiciary issue, in the interest of country and PPP in general.

Socrates said...

"Pooray 150 police wallay thay and 20 wakeel.
" ---- LOL !! wonderful coments !!!

@ ANON "I agree with Chunna that the rally was massive"--- hmmm, I hope you know something about SARCASM !!!
"restoration of judiciary issue"--- I don't think Iftikhar Choudhry is judiciary !! he was a very partial and nepotic CJ of SC who misuse his powers for the appointment and promotion of his son, he also gave judgements in favour of terrorists. I hope people like you should understand that IMC was also a PCO judge. Therefore we should not mix-up issue of independent judiciary with the restoration of Ch. Iftikar !!

Anonymous said...


I don't think you understand (or want to understand) the viewpoint of those who wish that CJ Iftikhar Chaudhury should be back in CJ's chair. Let me try.

Those of us who want CJ Iftikhar Chaudhury to be restored don't see him as "the judiciary", rather we see him as the symbol of the movement for independent judiciary in Pakistan. And, mind you, when we state that CJ should be restored, we refer to restoration of ALL JUDGES as of 2 November 2007, not just the CJ. This measure is also important, so that illegal actions taken by General Musharraf on 3 November 2007 should not be given indemnity.

So, CJ's restoration is paramount to having an independent judiciary in Pakistan.

It is our hope that with this restoration of ALL judges as of 2 November 2007 and with an independent judiciary, politicians or military dictators will not influence judicial matters, and leaders like Z.A.Bhutto will not be hanged or Sharif Brothers be unfairly targetted due to their political convictions.

Socrates said...

@Anon --- " we see him as the symbol of the movement for independent judiciary in Pakistan. " ---- hmmmm it was IMC who first took oath under PCO and then his court give legal cover to Mushraff's LFO. It was him who used his influence for the selection and then promotion of his son. It was IMC who gave several judgements in favour of terrorists from militant organizations. It was IMC who was famous for taking Suo Moto actions but he did not bother to hear Asghar Khan’s case regarding role of ISI in creation of IJI and distribution of public money amongst right-wing politicians. There is a very long list of charges against IMC. By the way I don’t think his act of “not resigning” was not a national matter rather it was his personal matter. In the last why the hell Supreme Court just gave a short verdict in favor of IMC on 22 July, 07 ??? Why SC did not issue detailed judgement ????
Now let's talk about your Shariff (read badmaash brothers)
According to Charter of Democracy all PCO judges should have been removed, and as IMC was also a PCO judge then he should not be restored. There are two points one should keep in mind. One, it was IMC’s SC which allowed Nawaz Shariff to return to Pakistan and it was Khalil ur Rehman Ramday the right-hand of IMC who described Nawaz Shariff’s affidavit (which he signed to seek pardon and then go to Saudi Arabia for ten years) as just a piece of paper. Whereas Nawaz Shariff himself admitted before electronic media after his return to Pakistan that he signed deal for FIVE YEARS BUT NO FOR TEN YEARS !!! The question is, why IMC’s SC did not take Suo Motto action against Nawaz Shariff for misdeclaration ???
Two, IMC is basically from Punjab, whereas Sajjad Ali Shah and Abdul Hamid Dogar are Sindhis !!!! I don’t think I need to further elaborate my point !!

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