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30 November 2009

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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Zardari versus Siapa Group and "zananion ki bad-duayen"

Abbas Ather's analysis of the anti-democracy "Siapa group" in Pakistan


Aamir said...

Shameless [read Bayghayrat] Abbas Ather has no shame even in his old age for he is misquoting and distorting facts.

He is the same Rascal who concocted:

Bhutto is most often attacked: the Udhar tum, idhar hum line; and the tearing-up of the Polish resolution that apparently could have prevented the break-up of Pakistan. He demonstrated that the first was the intervention of headline writer Abbas Athar and the second was an urban myth. [Couretsy Late. Khalid Hasan]

Safdar Meer aka Zeno had also supported Ethnic Cleansing in East Pakistan [Supported Military Operation] and that he had written 20 years ago in Dawn Sunday Magazine.

Truth about "GHAZI GENERAL AYUB and 1965 War.

One of the reason of the defeat in 1965 War was the replacement of command a of 12 th Division from a Prefessional Quadiani Major General Akhter Hussain Malik to a Non-Professional and Incompetent Major General i.e. Agha Mohammad Yahya Khan by General Ayub Khan. Operation which General Malik was conducting known as Operation Grand Slam.


“Former Secretary of Information during General Ayub Regime, Late Altaf Gauhar had written about the Incompetence of ISI during 1965 War!Article by Altaf Gauhar: “How Intelligence Agencies Run Our Politics” Islamabad The Nation in English 17 Aug 97 p 4.

It was during the presidential election in l964 that the ISI and the MI became extremely active.. While the DIB gave the President a detailed, assessment of his prospects in the election the ISI and the MI kept him informed of the trend of public opinion based largely on gossip.The election results showed that the three agencies had seriously underestimated the popularity of Mohtrama Miss Fatima Jinnah and given Ayub Khan too optimistic a picture of his prospects. The crisis of intelligence came during the 1965 war. Brigadier Riaz was good enough to show me his set-up, an impressive affair judging by the sophisticated equipment and the operators at work. He told me that he had contacts inside the Occupied Kashmir and in other major Indian cities. “I will flood you with news. Don’t worry”. When the war started there was a complete blackout of news from all the intelligence agencies.

When I got nothing out of the ISI for two days I went to Brigadier Riaz only to learn that all his contacts had gone underground. The

performance of the MI was even more frustrating. The mobile transmitter which the MI had acquired to broadcast the Voice of Kashmir conked out and Brigadier Irshad came to me to find him a spare transmitter. When I told him that it would take at least a month to import another transmitter he pleaded with me to take over the broadcast part of the operation. “How can I do that I know nothing about the operation?” I protested. “But that is the beauty of it.” said Irshad, “even I know very little about it.” It did not take the Indians long to extract the whole operational plan out of the ‘infiltrators’ whom they captured the moment they entered the Indian occupied territory in Kashmir. Four of them were put on All India Radio to make a public confession. I heard the details of the operation on the air in utter disbelief. I rushed to Muzaffarabad to acquaint Irshad with what I had heard. He fell back in his chair and moaned: “The bastards have spilt the beans.”


Francis Gary Powers (August 17, 1929 – August 1, 1977) was an American pilot whose CIA] U-2 spy plane was shot down while over the Soviet Union.

Aamir said...

Truth about "GHAZI GENERAL AYUB and 1965 War.


Francis Gary Powers (August 17, 1929 – August 1, 1977) was an American pilot whose CIA] U-2 spy plane was shot down while over the Soviet Union.

Ayub Khan frustrated with slow pace of negotiations with US during his visit to Washington went to Henry Byroad’s office and told him, ‘I didn’t come here to look at barracks. Our army can be your army if you want us. But let’s make a decision’. Once US decided about Pakistan’s role in the defence of the region and containment of Communism, it was the armed forces of Pakistan and not the political leadership, which was seen as potential partners. Ayub Khan obsessed with modernization of the armed forces in shortest possible time saw the relationship with US the only way to achieve his organizational and personal objectives. In meeting with US officials during his April 1958 visit, Ayub stressed that armed forces are the strongest element. He was of the view that if elections were held in the prevailing circumstances, the left wing politicians will come to power which will not only destabilize Pakistan but will affect US strategic interests.

A US Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG) was established in Army Headquarters in Rawalpindi. A Military Assistance Programme (MAP) was started. Pakistan army was divided into MAP and Non-MAP units depending on their role. MAP units were oriented towards safeguarding US interests and non-MAP units along Indian border.

The fact that US was following her national interest while mediocre Pakistani military leadership were more in wishful thinking rather than planning for safeguarding their national interest. There was nothing secret about US policy. In several public statements and documents, US objectives have been clearly stated, if Pakistani generals could not see them, this was their own folly. The general principles of these security agreements were that United States will enter a security agreement when:

- There is a genuine threat to US interests.

- The mutual security pact will significantly contribute to preserve these interests.

- The final judgment of US troop commitment will be made by elected representatives.

- Allies will contribute their fair share in terms of personnel, weapons, resources and government support.

In July 1959, Pakistan agreed for establishment of US base near Peshawar to be operated by US officials. General Khalid M. Arif while commenting on U-2 incident (U-2 was a US spy plane operating from Badaber base near Peshawar. It was shot down by Soviet SA-2 missile and its pilot Gary Powers was captured. The incident severely compromised Pakistan security and brought the Soviet ire on Pakistan. Soviets paid back Pakistan within a decade during East Pakistan crisis) states that, ‘Pakistan felt deceived because the US had kept her in the dark about such clandestine spy operations launched from Pakistan’s territory’.Statements like these from such highly placed officers don’t speak well for Pakistan. As early as 1959, when Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, as acting foreign minister wished to visit the facility, the American base commander replied that, ‘the minister would be welcome to visit the cafeteria where he would be served coffee and sandwiches’.

Tale of a love affair that never was: United States-Pakistan Defence Relations Columnist Hamid Hussain analyses an ON and OFF affair.


Shumaila said...

Establishment of Pakistan always negated PPP. Nothing is ambiguous now, every Pakistani knows that which party represents establishment. PML-N was the only party that is beloved party of establishment. PML-N is purely pro-establishment and it was Nawaz Sharif who became the leader from the IJI stunt financed by the agencies.

On the other hand PPP was always deterred by establishment. Establishment conspired against PPP in the past and several unsuccessful efforts were made to split the party. The recent confession of Brig (Retd) Imtiaz proved that how conspiracies were hatched against the Pakistan Peoples Party and how its governments were dismissed unconstitutionally. Perhaps the only reason behind this was that establishment never wanted democracy to prevail.

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