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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

President Zardari, shame on your government in Sindh province.


Anonymous said...

When will you act Mr Co chairman when there will be no party left for handing over to Bilawal Bhutto?

ahmad said...

One can not contradict the fact that Corruption is the root issue of this nation. Accusing Govt for this phenomenon will be unfair. Can any one say that there was no corruption during Musarraf Era or Nawaz Sharif’s regime? This is the issue which is being with us since Pakistan came into being. It can not be resolved overnight. However Govt seems committed to root out it. The recent survey by an international organization shows that corruption has been reduced to some extent. Zardari is hope of change and I am sure soon we will see an new sunrise.

Shhhnufff Duff said...

corruption has seen a 400% INCREASE!!! that according to transparency international..ohh ofcourse i forgot, that's PML-N's international wing....baaaahhhh!!!! says who...Fauzia Wahab, the hollering, defensive-agressive, the best represnetative of PPP's insecurities, spokesperson of the party1

Adnan Khalid said...

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Adnan Khalid said...


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