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30 November 2009

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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Mob sets church set on fire near Sialkot. Shame on the pro-Taliban government of Punjab. Shame on Sharif brothers.

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Unknown said...

Chritian Attacked In Sialkot

Muslims I Address You !!

Being Christian my self and brought up in this country I know what troubles we have to face in our daily life just because of you people! You muslims never bear a Christian gets promotion in jobs, You musliums never bear christian student come up with excellent qualification certification! and you muslim of pakistan never let chrsitians get a good job! You meet christians with smile on your face and have evil in your hearts! Choora, Isai, Sain, Kala these are the words you reward us because of your hate. Christians in pakistan are innocent, they have no rights and protection or freedom for thier religion and other. They are forced to embrace islam, crsitians girl forcibly marrid with muslim men and then given divorce snaching thier offspring. Now you muslims of Pakistan come up with a new political tectic and started hunting christians by killling them,looting them and burning the house of God (churches) by putting false blames on them of blasphemy. everyone knows who is behind this...Shame on those christian ministers who are still with muslim government. Muslims just keep one thing in mind God is looking down and seeing what troubles you are giving to its children...soon very soon you will be punished.

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