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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Shame on you, Hamid Mir, for fanning anti-Qadiani sectarianism!

Qadianis should be allowed to preach: Altaf

LAHORE: Qadianis should be allowed to preach their ideology in Pakistan, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain told a private TV channel on Tuesday. During an interview, he said politics and religion should be kept separate. He said he would establish a mosque, a church, a Hindu temple and a ‘Qadiani mosque’ if the MQM came into power. He also said the country’s name should be ‘Peoples’ Pakistan’ and people should choose whether it should be an Islamic Republic or a Peoples’ Republic. daily times monitor


Now compare Altaf Hussain's bold stance in support of religious tolerance, with the anti-Qadiani prejudice evident in Hamid Mir's column yesterday, in which Mir suggests (quoting an anonymous Wahhabi General) that in fact an Ahmedi low-rank officer of Pakistan Army (Major Nadeem Dar) was responsible for the anti-MQM operation in Sindh. What a joke!

Shame on you, Hamid Mir, for fanning sectarianism in the country. Indeed, you will never dare claim that Musharraf acted against the interests of Pakistan because he is a Sunni or that General Zia-ul-Haq conspired against the people of Pakistan because he was a Deobandi cum Wahhabi.

Shame on you, for spreading disinformation and hatred against minorities in Pakistan. And shame on those who believe you!





Just read and then u have the power to express your opinion , try to have tolerance among your ears , and then with tactic tackle the situation!

salahuddin johar said...

The great altaf hussain is right.... every relegion should & must have right to preach in pakistan . this is what exactly written in pakistan's constitution whish was deceloped bt shaheed bhutto & founder of pakistan had acclaimed on august 15 speech. there is NO war on creed in islam , rather ismlam announce war against those who exploit innocent people no matter those cruels are muslims, hindus or belong to any relegion.MR. Altaf hussain is today's statesman who was the first one to announce war against taliban terrorists .and now whole nation & talban fighting each other.
the soloution is simple.... give the powers in the hands of middle class who are the back bone of pakistan & form about 95 % of population . pakistan is not the jageers of fuedals & elite class who are ruling on us for last 63 years. the time has come for change political culture across pakistan as wee can see the twilight in gilgit-bultistan elections.

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