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Monday, 2 March 2009

Ahsan Iqbal, gangster from Narowal? Is this the level of PML-N's leadership?

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Shaheryar Ali said...

This is character of all PML-N. Shahbaz Sharif killed many people in police encounters. He made Elite force for this purpose.
There were cases against him for extra judicial murder which were dropped when he became cm. Money n political pressure was behind it

Socrates said...

Javed Hashmi + Ahsan Iqbal + Hanif Abbasi etc etc almost all senior leadership of Nawaz League are ex-jamaatis. Now what we are witnessing again is revival of IJI in the form of Nawaz League + Jamaat -e- (ghair) Islami + Imran Khan aka Taliban Khan + Jamiat Ulaema (Juhla) -e- Pakistan + ISI !!

Shaheryar Ali said...

One should ask how did Javed Hashmi became a "makhdoom"?. With 10 acre land in makhdoom rashid , he is now a billionaire

Afghan Jihad n Zia-ul-haq ki barkat

kashif said...

well no one is bigger terrorist than mqm in pakistan.mqm people killed thousands of punjabis sindhis and pakhtoons in past.but you people instead publish a fabricated news against ahsan iqbal who never hurt a fly!you ppl are big liars .i do not like ahsan iqbal but forgiving mqm terrorists and blaming only punjab ppl for everything is very wrong

Raazi said...

Kashif, As far as I know your true name if Abid Ullah Jan, and you have been hired by Zionists in Pakistan, i.e., Imran Khan, Hamid Gul and Qazi Hussein.

Socrates said...


"i do not like ahsan iqbal " ---- hmmmm, then why are you so distrubed if we are critisizing Ahsan Iqbal ex-Jamaati !!! :)
BTW I don't know if someone has really praised MQM here for their wrongdoing ???
"no one is bigger terrorist than mqm in pakistan" --- very well said !! What you think about Taliban bastards ??? Are they really very peace loving people ??

Anonymous said...

The incident took place outside Mr. Ahsan Iqbal's constituency and the father of the victims used Ahsan Iqbal's name to grab attention of the PCO judges. Anyways the case was dismissed by Abdul Hameed Dogar, I would request the admin to remove this post, as there are very little politicians the nation could look up to and Ahsan Iqbal is one of them.

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