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30 November 2009

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Monday, 19 January 2009

Shaheen Sardar Ali: Swat - For Whom Will the Gulai-Nargis Bloom this Spring in the Swat Valley

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Javed Akhtar said...

This article is the outcry of every Pakhtun. As mentioned enough
is enough and it is obvious than the sun that the militants in SWAT
have either defeated the Army very well in SWAT or they are the same. To read more such articales go top

Javed Akhtar
Coordinator Pakhtunkhwa Peace Forum

Anonymous said...

PakTribune.com, Pakistan - 3 Feb 2009
Saving Swat
Charles Ferndale

Dear Charles Ferndale,
People of Baluchistan, FATA and NWFP has always seen the most oppressive and cruel face of the state of Pakistan.
Any sane person will come to the conclusion you made about the situation in Swat but there is logic to this madness by the Pakistani state/army.
The logic is and has been for the entire history of Pakistan, is to keep Baluchistan, FATA and NWFP as deprived, as backward as possible to ensure that the people of these regions can NEVER assert their "rights", to education, their land, their languages and their basic human right to live because ONCE these people are able to assert these rights, than it will be the END of Punjab being the big fat pig province of Pakistan.
Pakistan , you see is and never has been Pakistan, it is in fact Punjabistan and Punjabis wants to make sure that "Punjab remains the big fat pig province of Pakistan" via their Punjabi army, hence why, the "Pakistani" army have created catastrophic conditions in terms of "human rights" in these areas.
It is such actions by the Pakistan army that may explain, why the people of Baluchistan, FATA, NWFP may hate the so called "Taliban" but they loath the Pakistan Army/State.
The Punjabi/Pakistani army is in fact carrying out "ethnic cleansing" of Pakhtuns & Baluchis under the cover of the "war on terror".
It is a win, win, situation for the Punjabis as the Punjabi/Pakistani government collects western aid from this "war on terror game" to be spent on "Punjab - the big fat pig province of Pakistan" and make the poor, innocent Baluchi & Pakhtun population "bleed".
Long live the people of Baluchistan, FATA & NWFP and may God protect them from all their enemies inside/outside of Pakistan.

Yours sincerely

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