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Friday, 30 January 2009

Another Shia killed, eight abducted from Hangu - Terror of Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba reigns the NWFP; Pakistan Army is a silent accomplice....

One killed, eight abducted from Hangu

Staff Report

HANGU: A person was killed and eight others abducted in several incidents of violence in Hangu district of NWFP, official sources said on Thursday.

They said unidentified armed men opened fire on a vehicle near Tutkas graveyard in the district’s Tal tehsil. The passengers were travelling from Kurram Agency to Hangu.

A man, Johar Ali, was killed in the firing, while the assailants abducted the other three men, identified as Malik Askar Ali, Syed Ali Shah and Haji Mali Khel, the sources said.

Separately, unidentified men abducted two persons from Tura Waray road in the Doaba police station precincts. An Afghan private security guard, Syed Agha, was abducted from Tal city, while unidentified men abducted a government contractor, Fazal Akbar, and Imtiaz, an employee of NADRA in Orakzai Agency, from separate areas of the district.

Meanwhile, the Taliban in the neighbouring Orakzai Agency took over two checkposts vacated by security personnel, official sources and locals said.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the locals said there was no writ of the government in Orakzai, as security personnel have vacated checkposts for fear of the Taliban. The Taliban announced the imposition of sharia in the agency last month, barring women to visit bazaars and banning all modes of audio and video entertainment. (Daily Times)



(AGI) - Miranshah, Jan. 29 - Pakistani Taliban are on the attack in the tribal areas, the remote and wild mountain regions at the Afghan border, where the central government has little to say. According to security sources, the guerrillas have captured and executed two individuals accused of collaborating with the authorities. One, a young man in his thirties, was suspected of spying for the American troops, he was shot near Daigan, a village around 40km north of Miranshah, the capital of North Waziristan. The other, a policeman, suffered a similar treatment. He was captured together with four others in Tal, 45km north-east of the capital. The five, all Shias, were on their way to Parachinar, capital of another tribal area, Kurram. The policeman was killed, his companions were kidnapped and taken to an unknown location. The Taliban, like their allies of al-Qaeda, are all Sunnites who accuse the Shias of heresy. Meanwhile around 50 rebels have started a raging battle against the regular troops of Pakistan near Bannu, in the north-western province of North West Frontier, close to the border with North Waziristan. The rebels were forced to withdraw after two hours of fighting however, leaving two dead and five injured behind.



Green Views said...

Its not the army..its the foreign elements destroying Pakistan. Get a grip

Abdul said...

Probably "the foreign elements" may have some "local agents" such as:




In addition to (if not instead of) passing the buck on to "the foreign elements" we may also accept some ownership and responsibility? What do you say?

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