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Thursday, 29 January 2009

An example of the Shariat of the Taliban; Where is Imran Khan on this?

Scuffle over dress code

Friday, January 23, 2009
Militant, ex-Jihadi among three killed in Mingora

By our correspondent

MINGORA: Militants gunned down Amjad Islam, teacher of a private school who himself waged a Jihad against the Soviet forces in Afghanistan, for not hiking up his shalwar (trouser) above his ankles.

However, the issue did not end here but the militants went to the slain teacher’s house and gunned down his father, Ghani Akbar, a lawyer by profession. The militants later hung Amjad’s body from a pole in the Matta College Square.

Locals said that the militants on Thursday morning asked the teacher of the Hira School at the College Square to hitch up his shalwar above his ankles. However, Amjad told them he was a former Mujahid himself and knew everything about Islam but nobody could be forced to pull up shalwar above the ankles.

Continuing arguments, the teacher said that he had also saw the Taliban rule in Afghanistan who did not force into doing so, then how could they do? The arguments angered the militants and a scuffle took place. Amjad, who had a pistol, fired at the militants, killing Khalid on the spot and wounding two others.

The schoolteacher was trying to flee but the militants fired at him and attacked him with daggers. He was killed on the spot. His body was hung from a pole and warned the locals not to touch his body till Friday morning.

After killing the teacher, the militants scurried towards his house and dragged out his father, Sahibzada Ghani, and sprayed him with bullets. Locals said that Ghani was a religious and humble person and was respected in the area. The body of the schoolteacher, however, was taken to his house after the intervention of a local Jirga.



Imran Khan demands the imposition of Shariah in Pakistan




we_are_nuts Says:
January 27th, 2009 at 8:51 pm

Imran Khan’s Sharia?


Where is Imran Khan on this?

Why is there no outrage over this? Why aren’t there BLOCK headlines in newspapers across Pakistan about this? Why isn’t PK Politics asking it’s visitors to discuss this? FU*K THE PALESTINIANS AND FU*K THE ARABS!


Ghost Of TK Says:
January 28th, 2009 at 12:42 am

@W.A.N: “Why is there no outrage over this?”

Because brozzer, these are RAW+ISI agents (if you are to believe Qazi’s umreeka-palat lesbian daughter) and this is not the true taliban.

P.S. “Kia yeh waaqi hamari jang hai?”

P.P.S. “Why isn’t there outrage over the army BOMBING the Chechen/Uzbek/Arab Insurgents “civilians and wymmynz und childrenzez? — who are actually ISI RAW agents — but somehow our Islamists feel the pain for these foreign agents all the same.

ppps. chalen choRen.. zara yeh to bataen… “Kia yeh hamaari jang hai?”

P.Q.R.S. Zarrin Mazari is a RAW fabrication. However.. Aafia Siddiki is the present day zul-jinah … Oh the humanity!!! The daughter of the nation, Afia Siddiqui was RRRRRAAAPPEED!!! oh THE HEW-MANA-TEEEEEE!!! GURGLE GURGLE…


Ghost Of TK Says:
January 28th, 2009 at 1:16 am

Meet Rita Katz


Or … How I stopped worrying and learned to love the Zionist infiltrators disguised as “fundamentalist” Muslims



Tazeen said...

i finally found people who have as big a grouse against Imran Khan, if not bigger, for his crappy politics. You should see my blog and how people defend everything Imran Khan. There was a bozo who even said that if Imran Khan advocates jirga courts, he must have a great reason. People just accept shit from politicians instead of forming their own informed opinions and asking questions.

Abdul said...

Tazeen: 'yahan ab meray razdan aur bhi hain'

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