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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Swat: The Taliban hit list: Taliban commander summons dignitaries in its ‘court’

The taliban hit-list

1 – Ex-federal minister Afzal Khan (ANP)
2 – NWFP Minister Ayub Ashari (ANP)
3 – Tahir Ashari, brother of Ayub Ashari
4 – MPA Dr Haidar Ali (ANP)
5 – MPA Shamsher Ali (ANP)
6 – NWFP Minister Wajid Ali (ANP)
7 – MNA Muzaffarul Mulk (ANP)
8 – MPA Sher Shah Khan (ANP)
9 – MPA Waqar Khan (ANP)
10 – MPA Jafar Shah (ANP)
11 – Amir Muqam (PML-Q)
12 – Swat Nazim Jamal Nasir
13 – Shujaat Khan, Swat nazim’s father
14 – Sher Shah Khan (PPP-Sherpao)
15 – Ex-MPA Irfanullah (MMA)
16 – Khurshid Khan (ANP)
17 – Shaor UC Nazim Muhammad Sher
18 – Bakht Jamal from Gwalerai
19 – Zafar Ali from Shakardarra
20 – Gul Jan Bacha from Kooza Bandai
21 – Sher Afzal Khan, a local leader
22 – Faridullah Khan, a local influential
23 – Khan Muhammad
24 – Adalat Khan
25 – Haroonur Rashid from Kooza Bandai
26 – Jamshed Khan, son of Haroon
27 – Nisar Khan of Ring Mohalla
28 – Khan Nawar (ANP)
29 – Colonel (r) Munir, a local influential
30 – Khurshid, a local elder
31 – Afsarul Mulk, a local influential
32 – Malak Ahmad Khan from Kabal
33 – Taimoor Khan, a local influential
34 – Saifullah Khan from Manja
35 – Ahmad Khan from Manja
36 – Ilyas, also from Manja
37 – Said Badshah from Manja
38 – Wahid Zaman
39 – Sor Sharifai from Kabal
40 – Bashbanr Nazim Jamshed
41 – Abdul Qahar from Khwazakhela
42 – Khuda Bakhsh from Kabal
43 – Bacha Rehman from Kabal

Source: http://dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=2009\01\26\story_26-1-2009_pg1_2


Pak Taliban commander summons dignitaries in its ‘court’
25 Jan 2009, PTI

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani Taliban commander Maulana Fazullah has directed over 50 dignitaries, including provincial and federal lawmakers,(most of them belonging to PPP, PPP-Sherpao, ANP, PML-Q and some from JUI-F; interestingly none from Jamaat Islami, PML-N and Tehreek-e-Insaf; read the BBC article linked below) of the troubled Swat valley to appear in his "court" with their families within a week.

A list of the 50 dignitaries, including the local mayor, elders of Swat and members of the North West Frontier Province assembly and National Assembly, was circulated in the valley on Sunday, TV channels reported.

Fazlullah, a radical cleric who heads Taliban fighters in the Swat valley located 160 km from Islamabad, directed the dignitaries and elders to present themselves in his "court" with their families within a week.

Their absence from his court would lead to operations being conducted against them, Fazlullah warned.

Some of the persons summoned by Fazlullah have already left Swat due to security reasons.

Most parts of Swat, once a popular tourist resort, are now controlled by the Taliban, who have banned girls' education in the area and directed men to wear skull caps and stop shaving their beards.

A former mujahideen was recently gunned down by the Taliban for not hiking up his salwar over his ankles.

The Taliban have bombed and torched nearly 200 girls' schools in Swat and targeted shops selling CDs and DVDs.

Local militants man check posts in most towns and villages in the valley and Shariah or Islamic courts set up by the Taliban dispense their own brand of justice.

Taliban commanders also regularly announce edicts during their nightly broadcasts from illegal FM stations.

Hundreds of people have been killed in Swat since the army launched an offensive against the Taliban in October 2007. Despite several claims from the military that it had cleared the valley of militants, the Taliban are in control of most major towns and villages in Swat.(The Times of India)


Article on BBC Urdu dot com


For a complete (hit) list of the persons summoned by the Taliban shariat court, you may wish to consult Rabia's blog: Grand Trunk Road. It may be useful to check if your name is or is not in 'the list'. .....


Murad Ahmad said...

Hi admin how are you .
Sir here is some names missing in this hit list please include the 1 persone
UC Nazim ; Jaffar khan
UC Nazim kala kalay , kabal , swat please include this name in this site and in hit list . Thanx

Murad Ahmad said...

If you include this name in hit list then notify me please .
UC kala kalay Nazim ; Jaffar khan

Jake Roberts said...

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