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30 November 2009

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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Asghar Khan, Democracy and Martial Law - Another Experiment? By Abbas Ather



Aamir Mughal said...

Dear Editor,

My comment:

Read about the filthy character of Air [R] Marshal Asghar Khan who is now sitting with EX COAS General Mirza Aslam beg. Height of hypocrisy.

Months before the darkest period in Pakistan's History [Martial Law of General Ziaul Haq 1977-1988] this so-called born again Democrat and Socio-Political Activist Air Marshall Retd. Asghar Khan wrote a letter to the chiefs of staff and the officers of the defence forces, asking them to renounce their support for the "illegal (Z A Bhutto's) regime" and asked to "differentiate between a 'lawful' and an 'unlawful' command...and save Pakistan." This letter is considered by many democrats and political writers as instrumental in encouraging the advent of the Zia regime. All the members of the ‘Ex Servicemen Society’ have served during the previous martial law periods and some members are believed to be instrumental in toppling the elected governments. The head of the Society, Air Marsal Asghar Khan, was the author of a letter to the then chief of army staff, General Zia Ul Haq in 1977 demanding that he take over the government of the elected Prime Minister, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, and hang him at the hills of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. His demand was fulfilled when Zia Ul Haq imposed martial law in 1977.

Hypocrisy of Asgher Khan and Mirza Aslam Beg [sitting together in 2008 in Islamabad]


But the main thrust of his column was the human rights petition filed by him in the Supreme Court (HRC 19/96) against the retired COAS General Mirza Mohammad Aslam Beg, the former ISI chief retired Lt General Asad Durrani and Younis Habib of Habib and Mehran Banks, relating to the disbursement of public money and its misuse for political purposes, which is still pending hearing by the court. The case was initiated by the air marshal after Benazir Bhutto's interior minister, another retired general, Naseerullah Babar, had disclosed in the National Assembly in 1994 how the ISI had disbursed funds to purchase the loyalty of politicians and public figures so as to manipulate the 1990 elections, form the IJI, and bring about the defeat of the PPP.


Calamity of Ex-Servicemen Society - 1


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Uzair said...

People like Abbas Ather are real threat to democracy. In Asghar Khan's letter to Army, there is nothing which could be called "invitation of imposing martial law". Asghar khan only asked army to deny those orders which were illegal and unconstitutional. People like Abbas Ather always twist history and facts. Click the link below and read the text of the message of Asghar Khan to the officers of defence services:

One can easily conclude that Abbas Ather is not putting the facts straight.

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