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Thursday, 5 March 2009

PML-N forward block in Punjab assembly

PML-N's house of cards slowly but surely falling apart?

PML-N forward block in Punjab assembly
Updated : Thursday March 5 , 2009 4:22:55 PM

LAHORE: The forward block of Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) in Punjab assembly have emerged claiming to get the support of 27 PML-N members.

MPA Laila Muqaddas announced formulation of the body addressing a press conference.

She said Sharif brothers have repeatedly changed their decisions over various political issues and “cheating the peoples of Punjab”.


‘N’ forward bloc comes out in open with 27 members

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-N Punjab Assembly member Laila Muqaddas on Thursday came forward with a forward group and announced to support Pakistan People’s Party in the province.

Addressing a joint press conference with PPP central leader Qasim Zia here, Laila claimed to have support of 27 PML-N members in Punjab Assembly. She said Sharif brothers were playing to the gallery and that both had lost mass support.

According to sources, the father of Laila Muqaddas and PML-N Gujranwala Division president, Khizer Hayat Mangat has also joined the PPP.

Tufail Niazi - Lai Beqadran Naal Yari....

Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around, Comes Around


Raazi said...

NS was boasting the support of PML-Q's forward bloc. As you sow, so shall you reap.

crab said...

Asool ki sisat, my foot.

Abdul said...

Raazi: Personally I disagree with this move. IMHO they must first resign from their respective seat (won on PML-N's ticket) and then recontest the elections.

Ahmad said...

Congratz Salman Taseer you are going good...we support you in horse trading, corruption and whatever you do to make PPP government in Punjab
(PPP fans would come up with only answer they have..start blaming for past corruptions to others)
well done "LUBP" bloggers!!

Socrates said...

@ Abdul

Ideally I agree with you !
But realistically that's what politics is all about in Pakistan.
Horse-trading and Lotacracy !
It was Nawaz League which created Q-League's forward bloc and now it's PPP's turn to have a forward bloc in Nawaz League !

@ Razi

You are right in saying "As you sow, so shall you reap.
" !!!

Abdul said...

@Socrate, "realistically that's what politics is all about in Pakistan." I agree. And that's a shame.

Anonymous said...

salman taseer & zardari has eleminated ppp for ever

GB TRIBUNE said...

After PML(Q) and PML(N), now it is PPP,s turn to lose a significant number of LOTAS in Punjab assembly.

Shaheryar Ali said...

Hey Abdul , yar thanks for Justin. lol

people dont get your blood pressure shoot. Forward Block and corruption. Shahbaz Sharif made first "forward Block" in Punjab in PML-Q. If that was made by giving Ders e Koran to MPA, consider same ws done by PPP.
You cant expect PPP , not to play the game Shahbaz Sharif started

Abdul said...

Sherry, lol@blood pressure shoot. I guess you are right.

Anonymous said...

Some of the above contributors accuse PML-N for creating a forward bloc within PML-Q.

Two points I would like to mention here:

1. PML-Q (the Kings party or 'Qatil League' as our current president described it once) was/is by itself a FORWARD BLOC created against PML-N.

2. How can this behavior be used as a justification for what PPP is up to lately, even if we assume that PML-N had a hand in creating the forward bloc in Q-League.

Raazi said...

@anonymous, two points:

1. PML-N itself is a forward bloc created from PML-Junejo at the behest of General Zia-ul-Haq.

2. Your point valud. Two wrongs don't make a right. That's why we should condemn both PML-N and PPP for doing horsetrading. Nobody can claim to be a principled politician in this mess.

Anonymous said...

@ Raazi

With reference to your points above:

1. I tend to agree with you, but PML-N has since then (1980s) established itself as the "mainstream PML".

(Having said this, I don't condone what Mr Nawaz Sharif did against Mr Junejo -- in fact, what he did was utter wrong, ethically speaking, two decades ago in 80's.)

In the same way, I don't see PPP as a forward bloc of then Ayub Khan government (as some might like to). (Mr Bhutto, as we all know, was a senior member of Mr Khan's team).

2. Forward blocs, in general, do a great disservice to democracy and the country: they try to hijack the political landscape for their financial benefits or ministerial positions or otherwise. Should these people have a "change of heart", they should first resign from their MNA/MPA seats and run again based on their enlightened views.

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