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Friday, 6 March 2009

Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

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Socrates said...

PTI(Pakistn Tehrik-e-Imran) has a flag whose colour scheme is same as Imamia Students Organization (ISO)--- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imamia_Students_Organisation ---
ISO was founded in 1972 whereas PTI was founded in 1996 i.e. 24 years after ISO. Still PTI founders shamelessly copied colour scheme of a party.
I don't think PTI's leadership [which includes Hamid Khan (SVP)a very senior lawyer and Arif Alvi(GS of PTI)an ex-jamaati (he was member of JI for 23 years)] is so naive that they even don't know about ISO and colour of its flag !!!

Abdul said...

Socrates, interesting; very valid point.

Anonymous said...

Asad Qaisar PTI president for Pashtunkhwa were also a IJT and Jamat e Noqsani leader.

Raazi said...

More flags than followers

Kamran Khan Bangash said...

I think one shouldnt count the numbers of PTIans rather the calibar of the PTIans are much higher then other Political parties.
I would like to tell ppl that there were more then thousands of participants from peshawar only for Long march. And a trial is shown in Lahore rally by PTIans. Hope that the concerned mind is cleared.
Kamran Khan Bangash

Pakistan Taliban-e-Imran said...

Where was IK hiding by the way during the show?


Socrates said...

@ Kamran Khan Bangash --- ' think one shouldnt count the numbers of PTIans rather the calibar of the PTIans are much higher then other Political parties.
" ---- hmmmm if Pakistan Tehrik-e-Imran believes in democracy (which I doubt) then number must be counted !!! By the way who's told that calibre (not CALIBAR !!!)of PTIans (i.e. Imran Khan aka Taliban Khan aka Zani Khan fan club)is much higher than others ?? I'm sure it must have been either Moulvi Taliban Khan or Jamaati Dentist Dr. Arif Alvi who has told you idiots that your calibres are higher than others !!

abbazo said...

imrankhan zindabad

I A said...

Pakistan Youth participated in this Jalsa of PTI on 25th of December. It was a great show, never seen before in the history of Pakistan. Even we could see Pakistani girls in PTI Jalsa in huge numbers.

black eyes said...

no Suspicion that pti is a youth political organization .flag color pti
show love with pakistan .many update about pti take in this site IMRAN KHAN PTI

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