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Monday, 9 February 2009

Taliban claim responsibility for a suicide attack on a procession of Shia mourners in Dera Ghazi Khan.

A spokesman for the Taliban in Darra Adamkhel speaks to various media agencies:

Taliban claim responsibility for a suicide attack on a procession of Shia mourners in D.G. Khan killing about 40 Shias. They also claim responsibility for an attack on police post in Manwalai (killing 8 policemen). They also release videotape of the Polish engineer’s beheading.

Read this report on BBC Urdu dot com:



Militants release videotape of engineer’s beheading

By Alamgir Bhittani and Abdul Sami Paracha

TANK/KOHAT, Feb 8: Taliban militants on Sunday released a videotape showing the beheading of Polish geologist Poitr Stancza and warned other kidnapped foreigners would meet the same fate if their demands were not met.

Before he was killed, the seven-minute video shows the blindfolded geologist making an appeal to the Polish government not send troops to Afghanistan. He asked the Polish government to sever diplomatic relations with Pakistan if it did not try to seek his release.

The video includes a statement by the Taliban, claiming they had other foreign nationals in their custody, including a Chinese, who would be beheaded if the government of Pakistan did not accept their demands.

The Taliban said on Saturday they had killed Stancza because the government had refused to free 60 detained militants.

Earlier, a spokesman for the militants in Darra Adamkhel refused to hand over the body of the slain engineer unless the government accepted their demands.

A Taliban spokesman told Dawn by phone the Taliban would swap the body of the engineer with “our men in government’s custody”.

Stancza was kidnapped in September last year when he was on a visit to his company’s site in Attock.

The spokesman, who identified himself only as Mohammad, said the government had underestimated their strength and offered Rs100 million for unconditional release of Stancza, but accepting money woud be tantamount to betraying ‘our fighters’

The spokesman also claimed responsibility for Saturday’s attack on a security checkpost in Mianwali and said: “Our leaders have formally allowed our volunteers to carry out attacks in Punjab, which they have been planning for two years.”

He also claimed responsibility for a suicide attack on a procession of Shia mourners in Dera Ghazi Khan and warned of more such attacks in Punjab in near future. He warned the government against arming people against Taliban in Mattani area of Peshawar and said that such action would force the militants to go to war.

“We also warn tribesmen and the people living in settled areas of fatal consequences if they cooperate with the government.”


Report of beheading on BBC Urdu dot com:



Zafaryab said...

In addition to conducting postmortem of 19 or 20 year old, brain-washed suicide bombers, it is important to arrest those extremist Deobandi and Wahhabi Mullahs and scholars who spread sectarian hatred, who suggest that killing a Shia, Ahmedi, Christian or Jew is a ticket to paradise. All such madrassahs must be closed down; or taken over as schools by the Pakistan Government.

Absolute Atheist said...

@ Zafaryab

I compeletely agree with you.
During so-called Afghan Jihad (which was actually FISAD) hudreds of Deobandi + Wahabi madrassahs were established all over Pakistan with Saudi+US funding.
These madrassahs played a pivotal role in increasing sectarian hatred and creating so-called jihadi culture in Pakistan.
Brain-washed students of madrassahs consider persons belonging to other sects like Shia and Brelvi as Kafir and hence Wajib-ul-Qatal.
Madrassahs are root-cause of terrorism and sectarianism and they either should be closed or Pakistani State should take control of these madrassahs.

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