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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

SOS from Parachinar: Taliban adbuct 14 Shia in Hangua after attacking a Parachinar-bound passenger coach...

PARACHINAR: Unidentified armed men [belonging to Taliban/Al Qaeda/Sipah-e-Sahaba] first fired at the tyres of a Parachinar-bound passenger coach in the Tut Kas area on Monday and later kidnapped 14 travellers.

Sources said the kidnappers left behind three women travelling in the same vehicle while shifted the male passengers to an undisclosed location. The vehicle was on way to Parachinar from Peshawar and it was stopped at the place where four passengers of a Peshawar-bound coach were seriously wounded in a roadside explosion on Sunday.

Locals said people were being kidnapped on daily basis from the Thall-Parachinar road near the Tor Ghar area, while the administration was looking the other way. They said 38 people had been picked from the same area so far. The residents maintained that criminals in the garb of the militants were making travellers hostage and later released them after receiving hefty amounts as ransom.


HANGU: Unidentified armed men on Monday opened fire on a Peshawar-bound vehicle before abducting 12 of its passengers near Kurram Agency’s border with Hangu district, officials said. An official told Daily Times that the vehicle was on its way to Peshawar when the armed men intercepted it in Tootkas area and abducted 12 of its 15 passengers.Hangu District Police Officer Sajjad Khan confirmed the incident. He added that even though the Khasadar force was deployed in the area, the Taliban were openly operating there. saboor khan


For a detailed review of the plight of the Shia of Parachinar, read:



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God help them

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