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30 November 2009

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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Supreme Court declares Sharif brothers ineligible

Pakistan court bars opposition chief from election


ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistan's Supreme Court has barred opposition leader Nawaz Sharif from elected office, a move likely to raise political tensions in the country.

The decision deepens a rift between Sharif, the country's most popular politician, and the pro-Western government just as it struggles to contain rising Islamist violence.

Sharif's party holds power in the country's main province, Punjab, and has the power to destabilize the government. (Associated Press)

SC declares Sharif brothers ineligible

Updated at: 1225 PST, Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court three-member Bench, after prolonged hearing of Sharif brothers’ electoral eligibility case, finally declared here today the two brothers ineligible for contesting elections.

This case was under hearing of the SC three-member Bench headed by Justice Musa K. Laghari for the last eight months, in which, the Attorney General of Pakistan, Latif Khosa giving his arguments said that Punjab chief secretary and speaker were not the party in th case. Attorney General said that all the judges have taken oaths under the constitution and talking about the oath of the interim constitution was irrelevant.

He said that Nawaz Sharif’s proposer and seconder could become parties in the case if the court permits them and their becoming parties was not necessary. He further said that it was the discretion of the judge to withdraw from the Bench and no one could direct him to pull out.

On conclusion of the arguments, after a short break, the Bench disposing off the Sharif brothers’ eligibility case declared them ineligible.

ISLAMABAD: Former President of Supreme Court Bar Association and leader of lawyers movement Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan said ineligibility of Sharif brothers is seems to be a biased decision of PCO judges.

Talking to media here, Aitzaz expressed regrets over the verdict and said it would damage the goodwill of courts. He said long march would be held as per schedule.

(The News)

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Some Relevant Comments:

Socrates said:

Oh no, now what will happen to Pakistan !!! Some days back NS lawyer A K Dogar described SC’s bench as Noraani and honest!! Now i’m sure A K Dogar would be declaring them as Shaeetani and dishonest !!
Meetha Meetha hap hap
Karwa Karwa thuu thuu !! Long Live Hyopcrisy !! and
Long Live Pakistan !

awaukha said:
Gentlemen, what has happened is wrong and shouldn’t have happened. It is unfortunately the legal system of our country wherein getting absolved once conviction takes place makes it all the more difficult. Just get an FIR against a person and see that case remains there for the rest of a person’s life.

The Hijacking case must have been (surely) politically motivated by the Army in 1999. Unfortunately, MNS was sentenced and the appeals didnt go through. Afterwards, they got exiled in exchange of commuting their sentence (I may be wrong with the legal jargons, but they made a deal and went away for 10 years, returning after 7 only). If you all recall, MBB was convicted in absentia in the SGS Cotecna and some other case and because of that she was disqualified from contesting the 2002 general elections. She again went to the courts and got the conviction overturned.

MNS and SS should go to the courts, get the hijacking case reviewed and get a clean chit. His disqualification is wrong at all costs, but in the end he will be the eventual gainer.
And please, Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry cannot change the Pakistani legal system. It has to be changed in time and there is a lot of room for improvement.

Malek said:
you are missing an important point…..there are no courts in pakistran at the moment

awaukha said:
@MalekSir, qabza saccha, daawa jhoota! Even late BB used to call the courts Kangaroo Courts, yet she used the existing system to get her cases reviewed.

Ghost Of TK said:

I can already see the ill-advised and ill-constructed accusations of my support for Nawaz Sharif, But after the dumb ass antidemocratic step of “governers rule” … what else could be expected? Sharif brothers can`t go to courts they claim they don’t recognize. Even if someone else goes to court (Q .. which they won’t) and gets a stay order against gov. raj. … would that be acceptable? Heck, if the court had rule “in favor” .. should SS have stayed … or should he have resigned in protest against the court decision.????

to me it looks like both parties have gone precipitously to a confrontation and neither parties has learned a damn thing.

IMO, this is because national level political issues are being dealt with as if they were family feuds. Simply because both large parties are essently managed and led by two families.

So I guess Hamid Gul knew something a year ago that we didn’t. He kept calling 2009 ‘the year of the revolution’ and we all know the kind of revolutions this particular jurnail wants.

Source: pk politics


Anonymous said...

kHuss kum, jahaN paak

Shaheryar Ali said...

This was the logical consequence of the dirty game right wing was playing of coming to power through back door. Dividing and politicizing the judicial bureaucracy, now the part whose interests were under threat from Sharifs have retaliated.
The cat is out of bag now that Qazi Hussein Ahmad says "elections" were illegal, this was the whole plan, to bring Iftikhar Ch back in supreme court than declaring NRO illegal thus disqualifying Zardari , than declaring all actions of November 3 illegal which included the election.
Their treachery has back fired.
Punjab is free from Taliban ministry of Shahbaz Sharif, its a matter of relief
Time has come to ask Sharifs,Aitzaz Ahsan and Iftikhar Ch what constitutionalists and democrats Qazi Hussein Ahmad,General Hameed Gul and Air Marshal Asghar Khan and Roidad Khan are who are back bone of this so called movement. This is nothing but repeat of Right Wing's long history of controlling democracy through unelected state institution, first they kept using Army and now they were planning to use Judiciary ie that Iftikhar and co to forward their agenda
This is result of clash between two sections of judicial Bureaucracy

Rabia said...

Abdul, what do you think of the ceasefire declaration in Bajour right now while Kayani is in Washington...

Abdul said...

Sherry, Did you read the Times of India editorial on this topic. They write, and I agree

"It could be a rewind to the 1990s which witnessed ferocious infighting between Pakistan's mainstream political parties, which the military as well as Islamists can exploit. But with the Taliban making steady inroads and the Pakistani state ceding sovereignty in many areas, the situation's much worse now."

Thus, my worry is that we need to segregate the lenient,non-violent right wing from the extremist violent right wing. We must not provide a favourable pitch to Islamists by providing them with opportunity and reasons to reunite against secularism and tolerance in society.

Somehow or the other, I still have a soft corner in my heart for Aitzaz Ahsan and Iftikhar Ch. I don't know why.

Shaheryar Ali said...

Well Abdul dear i have all the soft corner for the Aitzaz Ahsan but its not a matter of affection is it. Aitzaz Ahsan left Bhutto in 77, Shaheed declared him a traitor in his last book. Its his history, he was with Asghar Khan when Bhutto sb was being hanged, he and Nawaz Sharif both in Tehriq e Istaqlal. This unholy alliance has a long history i m afraid.

As far as "non violent right wing". Would you call Jamate Islami non violent right wing? But PML-N has pursued a policy of collaboration with Jihadis, and with nuclear proliferating section of establishment. Today they burned the monument of Shaheed BB.

Its they who are pushing towards chaos, when Punjab government sponsored Long march of 3 million people would have been surrounding Aiwan e Sader , you think it would have given Pakistan stability? Now lets see how many ppl they can get out when DCs are not sponsoring them .

Socrates said...

I am in complete agreement with Shaheryar. We should not forget that NS(NS=anu*)wanted to be Ameer-ul-Momineen through Shariat Bill (read bull) in his second term.
Moreover, just heard a news that NS and SS will also be barred to hold party offices as per their Ihteesaab Ord (Later changed to NAB Ord). This is called

Abdul said...

Sherry and Socrates, I know where you are coming from. From that perspective I agree. Things are a bit hazy at the moment, let's wait a few more days to see the changing colours of the 'gumbad-e-nilofari'.

Shaheryar Ali said...

Just look how their call for General Strike failed, the fascist goons vandalized the street armed with lathis and hockeis but failed to get a shutter down even in central Punjab. Its shameful that media wont comment on failure of their General Strike and Wheel Jam call

Abdul said...

Sherry, You are right. I wrote here:

"Not a single tear was shed". Not many protesters were visible in the streets of Lahore, Rawalpindi and other cities in Punjab. The Motorway party (PML-N) has its stronghold from Lahore to Rawalpindi but i
t seems that these 'choori khanay walay totay' are no match for the diehard supporters of the PPP. Except a few goons of Jamaat Islami, Taliban, Imran Khan's PTI who desecrated the Benazir Memorial in Rawalpindi, the situation was under control in all cities in Punjab. The largest 'demonstration' was seen within the provincial assembly in Punjab when about 100 MPAs belonging to PML-N protested in an unconstituional session of the Punjab Assembly; they were lamenting the loss of their lucrative ministries and positions.

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