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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Yusuf Raza Gilani, Amjad Ali Chajra and the chrages of corruption - by Khalid Masud Khan




PM promises uplift of Jalalpur Pirwala

Later, the Prime Minister proceeded to the residence of Mian Amjad Ali Chajra at Manakwali village, some 10 kilometres away from Jalalpur Pirwala city, to express his heartfelt condolences to Amjad Chajra on the sad demise of his mother.

He also offered Fateha and prayed that may Almighty rest the departed soul in peace and give the bereaved family the courage to bear this loss.

MPA Malik Ahmad Hussain Dehar, Malik Salahuddin Dogar, tehsil nazim Shujabad Rana Suhail Noon, former Punjab minister Rana Qasim Noon and president Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) Khawaja Jalaluddin Roomi besides a number of people were present on the occasion.




Shaheryar Ali said...

Gilani is Legari in making. Party should get rid of all Zia-ul-Haqi baaqiat ASAP

Khalid Maood sb kuch Afghan Jihad ke dollers ka bhi hisab kitab yad he ap ku?
History tu you confess ap ku yad nahi

Abdul said...

Sherry: I hope and pray that YRG is not on FL's path. Perhaps it is more like a good cop bad cop strategy adopted by AZ?

Shaheryar Ali said...

You are right with regards to news in media. They are mostly false. I am talking bout future at a crucial level, he cannot be trusted. You see when Bhutto was hanged , these people celebrated by distributed Halva in city. His as well as Shahmehmood's. Both are Zia-ul-haqi families with very strong links with the establishment

abubakar said...

Mian Amjad is innocent!

Shakeel Ahmad said...

Some one told me that mian amjid is in financial crisis due to his brothers? Is it true??

Subail Bhatti said...

How do u know he is innocent ?

Subail Bhatti said...

Not because of his brothers but because of his own fraud and evil mind. he himself put him in current situation which is Allah's revenge to him for those poor people he rubbed and made them fool in 2001. You knkw What he was doing when Gilani was PM? He collect billions rupees cheaques and promised people that he will get done all 2 no work done by PM but luckly PM son aabdul Qadir realised that this person will damage his father's career and even they themselves may not make money if he started to get done these 2 no works fromPm so Qadir startd folllowinh all his evil work and hired agency people to have an evy on him. Amjad chajra actually get cashed those cheaques of different parties with his PM relatio fame and banker's friendship but unfortunatlh one day he caught red handed in Lahore while he was trying to cash a big amount cheaque and was sent injail wher ai've also interviewed him. so put himself incurrent situation but he is a crook mind and I am sure he might mebusy in doing any other dirty job.
Now bhai sahab read carefully: I am from govt agencies and following him and soon interpol will arrest him because Mian Amjad chajra is the world no 1 fraudster. He has mad more them 100000 poorest people out of pocket in different countries fro UAE and used Fake name and passport.
Search thes links: http://www.itfseafarers.org/fraudster.cfm
Or search with " al najat shipping recruitment fraud uae"
I can post such hundreds of links as proof.

Subail Bhatti said...

Any one may contact me for more detail or proof

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