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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Did the nation vote for the restoration of Iftikhar Chaudhry? The "Long March" politics and the future of democracy - by Abbas Ather


paki said...

Mixing differnet things has become quite common in Pakistan.
PPP,PML and democracy are three different things.Only stupid can expect that Zaradri or Nawaz would bring democracy in pakistan.
Democracy can not be brought by someone corrupt.
The writer doesn,t understand few things regarding election and politics in paksitan .....
If some one in pakistan has voted on issue in the last election,then that has to be independence of juidicairy and of course its restoaration.
If some belonging to lawyer's have lost election then that has got to do with local politics which has got nothing to do with any issue prevailing in the country.
In Pakistan,there has never been election.Ch Mukhtar owns Service Shoes factory and he asked all the employees of the company ot vote for PPP otherwise they would loose their job.Vote by force don't bring democracy idiot.
Why the corrupts are worried about independence of juidiciary is quite understand able.And why people write for coruupt is also understandable.

paki said...

Just common sense would tell us why lawyer movement is bound to be succesful.There is no other movement going on at the moment ragarding any other issue except independence of juidiciary.Those who have become victims of war against terror are bound to join lawyer movement as it can provide them a plateform to get rid of Zardari and his pro US policies.Those who diasgree with Govt's policies regarding inflation and other issues don't have any other plateform but lawyer's movement.Every one who is being damaged by the current government has become bound to joining long march that's why it would be big success.
Every one knows this government is a big failure that's going to help Long march to be big success.

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