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30 November 2009

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Sunday, 25 October 2009

The real story of NRO - an extensive analysis by Abbas Ather

First an editorial of Daily Times and a news item, which are followed by extensive seven-episode columns on NRO and Pakistani politics by Abbas Ather. A must read.

NRO comes centre-stage

As the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) makes its progress at the committee level before coming before parliament, the country’s polarised politics is boiling over. Walking out of the committee preparing the NRO bill, the PML-N has declared war on it. Laying out the party position, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said Saturday that the passing of the NRO in parliament would be a defeat of the country.

If you want to read the political map of Pakistan, just read what the political parties are saying about the NRO. First, there is the extra-parliamentary opposition, which did not take part in the 2008 elections because the polls were rendered invalid by Musharraf’s act of dismissing the Supreme Court in November 2007. The issuance of the NRO the previous month formed a part of the delegitimisation of the elections.

The PML-N went to the court against the NRO but took part in the 2008 elections, thus partially legitimising it. Then it showed respect for the ‘spirit’ of the NRO by briefly joining the PPP-led government. (A bunch of PPP MPAs are still hanging on to the Punjab government as remnants of that phase.) After that, political recidivism set in. The PML-N thought it would become more popular by being in the opposition. This has been proved right and the NRO is now anathema to most people in Pakistan.

The PML-Q, which midwifed Musharraf’s NRO, is now a purist on it. It is accusing the PML-N of secretly supporting the NRO, which is patently false if you look at the public posturing of our politicians. The lawyers, divided like everyone else, fight over whether an act passed by parliament can be struck down by the Supreme Court. The PPP will have a tough time mustering the required numbers, but from the way the opposition is fussed over the matter, it seems the act will be passed, and the Court will have to pull yet another undesirable political chestnut out of the fire. (Daily Times, Editorial, 1 Nov 2009)

All political forces supported NRO, says Musharraf

LAHORE: Former president Pervez Musharraf on Saturday said all political forces of the country had been taken on board before the promulgation of the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO). Talking to a private TV channel, the former president said he did not want to indulge in the discussion on the NRO, however, he considered the ordinance’s basic purpose had been to eliminate cases against politicians. Separately, speaking with the channel, Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain said approving the NRO had been a mistake and he apologised to the nation. Shujaat said the ordinance was promulgated to create an environment of reconciliation in the country, adding he did not have the right to forgive the people who had embezzled money from the national exchequer. daily times monitor

1 comment:

Shumaila said...

Indeed a mind blowing article by Abbas Athar. He depicts true faces of our politicians which introduced National Reconciliation Ordinance and now taking it other way. Former Prime Minster and Federal Cabinet endorsed NRO saying that it would end confrontation and politics of revenge. Mushahid Hussain, Zahid Hamid and Mehmood Durrani in a joint press conference said that NRO was not imposed on U.S dictation and we have introduced new political culture in the country through NRO. I wonder why now these black sheeps say on media that they were not part of NRO. On other side Musharraf says that all political parties of the country had been taken on board before the promulgation of NRO. We know that all the cases against Zardari were made in Nawaz Sharif’s regime and all of them were politically motivated. Anti PPP campaign is underway. Opposition is continuously cooking conspiracy theories, they are using NRO as last resort against government because they don’t find any other lasting issue to malign PPP leaders especially President Zardari.

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