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30 November 2009

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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Go Zardari Go

Nazir Naji

1 comment:

ahmad said...

In the history of President’s in Pakistan, Zardari will stand out as the most significant name in the list. But, it is impossible to make this point in this extremely polarized environment when unfortunately, Zardari’s name gives heartburn to a large group of Pakistanis, both inside and outside the country.

Presidency is the main target of conspirators and whatever happens in Pakistan blame goes to Presidency. Presidency is deemed as hub of evils. No matter they failed to prove any blame. I don’t know why achievements of Zardari are not discussed. Why Situation of economy is not discussed, not compared before the advent of Zardari Govt. Why situation of law and order is not discussed?. Why we don’t confess that terrorism is no more a major challenge after Govt measures?. Why we don’t discuss Gov welfare programs including BISP, employees stock scheme and other. Why we don’t discuss Pakistan’s exemplary stance after Mumbai attacks. Why we don’t discuss reconciliation process in Pakistan?

Yes we don’t discuss all these things because our aim is to dislodge Zardari. Hatred with Zardari is one thing but why we don’t understand Zardari is vital for the survival of Pakistan.

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