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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Dr Safdar Mehmood: A failed historian, a yellow journalist

An analysis by Chaudhry Fawad Hussain


ntchaudhry said...

Dr. SAFDAR Mamood made a comparison of our prime Minster with Liaquat Ali Khan which i think is uncalled for at present time. well, everything else could be true about Liaquat Ali Khan, but this is contrary to the fact that a claim was never filed by him or his behalf. In fact his older brother WALIAYAT ALI
KHAN filed more than enough claim on his behalf and big tracks of lands were in turn awarded in Tehsil Hafizabad, though its possession was held by his brothers up untill 1958,when Raa’na Liaquat Ali eventually took it over, his/her sons Akbar and Ashraf waisted that lands by selling them cheaply and invested in business which they could run deligently(like becoming Massey’s Furgusion agent). Likewise Waliyat Ali Khan son Asad Ali waisted it due to diffrent reasons supposedly doing unproductive things like running after prostitudes, etc.
If someone has suspicion about it he could confirm from their kins(e.g. Behzad Ali Khan) living in Houston, Texas USA.
I think historian like Dr. Safdar Mhamood should seek more research before going into excercise of writing an article. Actually cronyism/corruption started just after untimely
demise of QUAID E AZAM, though it was institutionaled during Martial Laws. I believe
that a Truth and Reconcialation commission should be set up to make things clear to common man so that we could know who know whar harm to our beloved country. In fact to me the biggest crime is to deviate from constitution, all other
ills erupt from it.

Niaz Tahir
Multan, at present in Houston

Ali Asghar said...

Dr. Safdar Mahmood is a Big Spoon of Sharif brothers, he is like and other Rana Sanaullah. People are not safe from the toungs of both Rana Sanaullah and Dr. Safdar Mahmood.

Dr. Safdar behaves like mad persons in his articles.

Nicole C said...

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shuja said...

Dr.safdar wrote an article on confessions of a british spy, which actually is a book written by a turkish clerik and this book aggrevates sectarianism and i condemn safdar on disscussing such unauthentic book in his columns. This shows that he is not a true historian but marely a sub standard, tommy type sarkari officer claiming to be a learned person.

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