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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Meeting with a terrorist: Hamid Mir

Hamid Mir offers an account of his meeting with a terrorist operating in Swat:

Here is a critical summary:

1. Not all of the terrorists belong to Swat; quite a few of them originate from Punjab.
2. They are Pakistanis; not foreigners.
3. They belong to extremist right-wing groups.
4. They own up blowing up schools in Swat and elsewhere.
5. They had close ties with the terrorist Mullah brothers of Lal Masjid.
6. They offer twisted, bigoted reasoning to justify their acts of terror.
7. They obviously forced the relative of the murdered woman to own up the murder.
8. They have 'unrestricted freedom' to contact and brief media persons in everywhere in Pakistan; our premier intelligence agency ISI is perhaps sleeping or 'a sleeping partner'?

9. While we know that religious fascists blow schools, slaughter people because of political or sectarian differences, how many schools have been destroyed by or people slaughtered by the so called 'liberal fascists'? [Hamid Mir, please spare this nation from further confusion]

Do Qazi Hussain Ahmed and Imran Khan want Pakistan to have dialogue with such animals?

Read relevant column by Hamid Mir describing Taliban's killing of the woman mentioned in the above column:


Further update 14 Feb 2009:

Taliban kill two more "bad" women in Kohat


1 comment:

Omer said...

what is mazhab? Mr. Hamid meer sahab islam is not a mazhab Islam is a "Deen" deen mean system, and Islam give us proper system for all thing which we have done in our life, economic, social, judiciary, foreign policy is any thing is implemented in our life as per Islam says, humray bachy sood khtay hain intrest k nam pru, hum muslim honay k bawajood tex daytay hian, hum vote dal kar apny sur pur asy logon ko mullat kar laytay hian jo allah k qanoon ko tor kar apni asanyon k lay qanoon banatay hain how we say are muslin, islam ko masjid main qeid kar diay hay

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