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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Jihadi organizations, Taliban, Sipah Sahaba, ISI and police behind sectarian killings in Pakistan

Sectarian Killings in Pakistan under "Police Patronage"

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To: Govt. of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

The President & Prime Minister of Pakistan, and
The Governors, Chief Ministers, I.G.Police,
Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan, N.W.F.P Provinces.

The barbaric sectarian violence in Pakistan is taking its toll again but in a very dangerous way. On the day of Ashura 50 innocent mourners were murdered in Quetta, followed by a series of murders including the two recent events of Masjid Hyderi in Karachi and the other of the killing of 7 members of a family in Lahore.

The dangerous thing about the Quetta, Karachi and Lahore incidents is that POLICEMEN were reportedly involved in all of them.

In a report issued by Inspector General of Baluchistan Province, Dr. Shoaib Sudel it was mentioned that one Ghulam Hyder Lehri, a Police Constable was involved.

In Masjid Hyderi incident, investigation reports have revealed that a policeman named Muhammad Akbar from Lyari acted as the suicide bomber. Reportedly, Akbar was an active member of a Jihadi Organization and also participated in war in Afghanistan.

Finally, in the murder of the family including a one year old child whose hands and feet were tied up and then shot in the head also involved a policeman. After the murder of the family en masse, the relative who filed the report at a Police Station was also murdered on his way the next day, which indicates that someone at the Police Station tipped the murderers about the complainant.

All these incidents show either a lack of screening process in the country's Police system or a willful hiring of such criminal elements who want to destabilize the country thus proving a "state patronage" for these heinous crimes.

We, the undersigned patriotic Pakistanis all around the world demand you:

(1) to form a high level judicial inquiry commission to investigate who else and at what level in the Police Departments in the country is involved and patronizing the killings of innocent Muslims in the country founded in the name of Islam.
(2) to appropriately compensate the victims' families. Governor Sindh, Ishratul Ibad announced a shameful amount of Rs.100,000 for the families who lost a member.
(3) to immediately issue orders to all Hospitals (public or Private) to take care of those injured in any such incidents on Government's expense.
(4) to provide "permanent" guards at all mosques/imam bargah's in the country. These measures will definitely cost less than that of the lives lost.
(5) to apprehend and publicly punish the killers quickly.




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