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Friday, 24 October 2008

Nzaria-e-Pakistan (The Ideology of Pakistan) and the Mullah-Military alliance in Pakistan... Nazir Naji

In this op-ed in Jang, Nazir Naji explain how the so-called ideology of Pakistan (Nazaria-e-Pakistan) was manufactured by the unholy nexus of Mullahs (Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Israr Ahmed, Dr. Safdar Mehmood) and Military (General Sher Ali, General Yahaya Khan, other officials of ISI) in 1971 with the blessings of the USA. As a result, the real ideologies of Jinnah and Iqbal were distorted, and a narrow sectarian agenda was implemented in the name of the so called Islamist ideology of Pakistan. Today, if the majority of Pakistani youths are confused about the ideology of Pakistan and do not have much knowledge about the ideas and principles of Jinnah and Iqbal, the real culprits behind this confusion are "intellectuals" such as Dr Safdar Mehmood, Dr Israr Ahmed, and other leaders or supporters of jihadi and sectarian organizations int his country, the real baqiyaat of Zia and Yahya.


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