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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Saleem Safi: General Kayani's Dilemma: Taliban are Pakistan's assets or liability?

Daily Jang


Anonymous said...

This is not a war on "terror".

This is not a war on "talibanisation".

It is Punjab's war on Pakhtuns for their resources via the Punjabi/Pakistani Army.

It is the "ethnic" cleansing of Pakhtuns from their lands by Punjab via the Punjabi/Pakistani Army using the American dollars ($) & weapons.

Punjab the beman, the big fat pig province of Pakistan.

Pakistan MURDABAD.


Anonymous said...

Mr anonymous above,you need a good brain re-wash. I am Pashtun too and I don't see it the way you see it. Your types are the ones that our enemies are looking for. Go sign up with them and terrorize Pakistan with bombs. I am sure the "Punjabi" Army as you call it will sort you out too. Also do some homework on Pakistan Army and its leaders, most of them have been Pashtuns and are Pashtun.

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