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30 November 2009

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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Will the silent Sunni Barelvi majority rise against the brutal Wahhabi-Neo Deobandi allinace known as the Taliban?

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paki said...

War against terror in fact is a war between injustice Vs injustice.That's why people are neither supporting taliban nor so called liberals.People in Pakistan are Muslims and a bit traditional.Both liberalism and talibanism is threat to them but they don't want to open war battles with either of them that's why s far they have not joined any party.It's realy bad that this topic is intended to ignite the war on the basis of secterianism.Anything which would be based on sectarianism will not help pakistan and its people.It is realy bad some dishonest pakistanis are dividing people on the basis of sectarianim,liberalism and extremism.Public should be beware of such elements.

Anonymous said...

All the Muslim World and especially Pakistani nation is against these deobandi taliban.
We all know that Islam is the religion of peace and it doesn't allow killings of innocent people neither it allows sucide bombings.
Our ullama have declared them as a curse on the nation

Anonymous said...

hate taliban

Anonymous said...

All the Muslim World and especially Pakistani nation is against these deobandi taliban. Let's make no mistake, the roots of all terrorisms are in Saudi Arabia. Wahabi brand of Islam is widely seen at the holly places i.e Mecca and Medina. We should wake up and reject the Saudi Islam. This deobandi fitna(terrorism) will die automatically.
Khalid Nasarullah

Anonymous said...

Yes, Islam may be prohibts the killing of innocent but condones killing of infidels( none Muslims ) becuse they are not innocent.Sura 5

Anonymous said...

Yes, Islam does prohits the killing of innocent but same time Iaslam also condones and encourges the killing of Infidels (Christians, Jews ). The Quran says"find the infidels and kill them"Sura 5:19

Abdul Nishapuri said...

Anon: Either you don't understand the Quran or you are misinterpreting its verses. Decontextualising and distorting the message of the Quran (or any other religious book, per se) would not help anyone.

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