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Friday, 13 February 2009

MQM expels Salim Shehzad

dehshatgard "Quaid" ka jo ghaddar hay, kis cheez ka haqdar hay?

The countdown begins....?

How can the Pakistani nation forgive the killers of 12 May 2007?

KARACHI: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has expelled Salim Shehzad from the party’s Rabita Committee here on Friday.

The decision has been taken at an emergency meeting of the Coordination Committee of MQM today. The committee directed the activists not to make any contact with Salim Shehzad, failing which their membership will stand cancelled.

Shehzad has been removed from the party’s membership due to his involvement in some mysterious activities, it said.

MQM also instructed the workers not to contact senior member Muhammad Anwar.

Meanwhile, MQM’s senior member Anis Advocate also voluntarily resigned from the party’s membership.


Anonymous said...

hi right decision but at the wrong time becouse i see when mqm start getting stability some dispute come out who is doing all these thing better mqm people will watch out good luck to them

Khan said...

JAEY MUTHEHADA, JAEY ALTAF BHAI....... JAey Bhutto , Jeay Zardai...


Khan said...

when 26000 Workers and supporters of MQM was killed from 1992 through 1999, no one bothered to talk about it ?????? now JAMAT-E-Islami, ANP and Nawaz Sharif doesn't like collation govt.thof PPP and MQM , that's why every one trying hard to let them fight and take their seats...

Kami said...

PPPP and PML(N ) both are bastards.MQM mustafa kamal is great.PPP have just an illetrate CM qaim alishah and drinker Agha sirraj durrani who can't see the karaachites development.Same is the case with PML(N) who want's to enjoy with KArachites Tax in there province.

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