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Friday, 6 February 2009

Can an honourable Pakhtun do that? Imran Khan, better answer.

Militants kill three women in Swat

By Our Correspondent

MINGORA: Three women were killed in Swat on Thursday as Taliban continued their attack on people they consider to be pro-government.

The militants also blew up two government schools.

The women, Zarmina, Zarbibi and Farzana, were killed and three men were kidnapped when militants stormed their house in Dagai village and accused them of supporting security personnel manning the nearby Wenai bridge post.

The girls’ primary school and boys’ high school were blown up in Nazarabad area of Matta.

The house of constable Abdul Kamal was set on fire in Kala Kalley area of Kabal tehsil.

One Jamil was injured by security personnel in Makan Bagh area of Mingora.

Meanwhile, the Mingora-Charbagh road reopened when curfew was relaxed in the area.

AP adds: A suicide attacker detonated an explosive-laden car near a police station here, wounding a dozen officers and destroying part of the building, said Dilawar Khan Bangash, the police chief.

Mr Bangash said militants also fired three rockets before the attack and one damaged a nearby hotel.

Pakistan is under pressure to clamp down on a string of extremist groups. (Dawn)


paki said...

Well,someone wise once said,illiteracy can lead to the hell.The problem,illiteracy, is clinging to the writer and leading him to the hell.
Who stupid would not condemn this kind of terrorism?There is no one in Pakistan who would not condemn these acts.
Imran khan has always condemned these acts but the writer,working on speacial agenda,is such an idiot who is asking Imran to answer about the terror despite the fact Imran has always been against terrorism.
What writer has failed to understand is the fact a lot of games are being palyed in these areas.Players of these games are USA,Pak Govt and Army along with ISI,India,Israel and anti-pak elemnets like so called Taliban.

Abdul said...

"Paki", your are right; the writer of this post seems to be an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Imran Khan,Qazi Hussain and Nawaz sharif have never condemned the Taliban terrorism and Taliban brutality in Swat and FATA.
Imran Khan is not the partner of ISI and Taliban like Qazi Hussain Ahmad of JI,hameed Gul and other but this is a fact that he didn't say a word against Taliban burning school and other unhuman activities.
As a pakhtun and a Muslim I think those who support Taliban or giving them a favour in any form are Monafiqeen and our Qaumi Dushmans.

Anonymous said...

this is just a horrible story. "Paki", you must be a real monster to read a story like this and just continue with the usual rants...

paki said...

To ananymous
You must keep few things in your mind;first of all,when suicide bomb takes palce that doesn't prove that Taliban are behind all this,there are lots of parties involved in these deadly attcks;ISI,USA,Army are using Taliban and forcing them to resort on terrorism to fulfill their own agendas.Army and ISI has been looking for moey through US Aid,USA is there to divide Muslims and Pakistan and Taliban have their agenda.
A story appeared in dawn Newspaper having its title as "Suicide Bombers for Sale",you had better read that to get some idea regarding what games are being played .
Imran like many others is neither taking Taliban as good Human beings or Muslims nor he has any trust in Pak Army and USA.
Imran has condemned Taliban many times and you had better watch "Jawab Deh" which was broadcast on Geo last sunday then you will come to know the truth.

Absolute Atheist said...

Dear Paki

You wrote “You must keep few things in your mind;first of all,when suicide bomb takes palce that doesn't prove that Taliban are behind all this” ---- Could you please explain to us why you, your leader Moulvi Imran Khan and his political fathers Qazi Hussain and Gen. Hamid Gul always try to defend Talibans??? Whereas Taliban terrorists most of the time claim responsibilities of Suicide bombings. There can also be no doubt about the fact that sucide bombers are trained in Talibans camps in FATA and Peuchar area of Swat.
What the fu… “ISI,USA,Army are using Taliban and forcing them to resort on terrorism” ----- this is the cruelest joke I’ve ever heard you mean Taliban are forced to kill innocent Pakistanis, destroy schools and enforce their brand of islam ???? You are definitely a very staunch supporter of Taliban + moulvi Imran Khan !!! You fool, Talibans bastards were created by the CIA+ISI to serve as their puppets in Afghanistan, however they became Frankenstein monster after 09/11 !!! There are chances that certain elements in Pakistan Army and ISI are still supporting Talibans. However, now Talibans have their own agenda and that is to create state within state of Pakistan.

Regarding story of ‘Suicide bomber for sale’, the fact of the matter is that according to investigation suicide bomber and his trainer both belonged to South Waziristan wher Taliban rules ! Moreover, another fact is that that majority of people killed in that suicide blast belonged to Shia community and in fact MNA Akbar Niwani himself is Shia. What these facts prove is that somebody may have been hired suicide bomber through his trainer to kill an enemy, but there were other reasons too for suicide bomber to carry out the bombing i.e. to kill Shias and then directly go to Paradise as a reward!!!
Everybody in Pakistan knows that Clean-Shaven Moulvi supports Taliban otherwise he could have held press conferences as he hold for Dr. Afia Siddiqui, he could have held rallies as he holds for Iftikhar Choudhry and he could condemn Taliban on electronic media, however he hasn’t do anything like that. What does it prove it simply proves that Imran Khan loves Taliban that’s why he doesn’t sympathise with families of the victims killed by Taliban bastards !!!

paki said...

Who is defending Taliban?No one likes to defend Taliban.Imran is against Taliban,USA,and Busharaf(Musharaf) or Zardari.You had better watch Imran's interview in 'jawab Deh' which was telecast on 1st of Feb,2009.Imran clearly says that I am against all kinds of terrorism.He believes that there is a diference between Pakistani Taliban and Aghnai ones.Mullah Umer's Taliban arrested an American lady journalist some years back and during prison she was so much impressed by Taliban that she accepted Islam.Most of the parties involved in deadly attacks in pakistan,have nothing to do with Mullah Umer and they are working on specail agenda i.e disintegartion of paksitan.And Imran has labelled all such parties as bad men.You people are rather naming them as Taliban which is a very 'nice word'.
Why are we using this nice word for these bad men despite we believe they are involved in deadly attacks?It shows our confusion.We have forgooten the difference between right and wrong,we are rather believing and using terminolgies being used by western media.what we lack is our opinion which has to come our sould,mind and heart.
There have been hundered of would-be-suicide bombers caught in Pakistan but we the public still don't know where have they gone and has there catch been of any use to pakistan.
i would dare to ask you where these bad men have disappeared and why they have not led us to any conclusion.It clearly shows that all these parties invloved are having policy of hypocarcy and just palying games for their own benefits.
Why Americans are now saying that Musharaf was palying double games with us?

Imran doesn't condemn taliban for these deadly attacks because he understands that there are lots of praties involved in these attacks and so-called taliban are just one of them....

Imran clearly says that all those who are ivolved in these attcks are bad-men and they should not be named as Taliban as it's nice word and should be used for bads..............

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