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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Baitullah Mehsud's death, Rehman Malik and pro-Taliban journalists....

Question: Why is the pro-Taliban lobby of Pakistani jouranlists so much critical of Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik? Why are Ansar Abbasi, Shahid Masood, Irfan Siddiqi, Orya Mqbool Jan and other pro-Taliban journlaists (Dehshat Nigar) very sad for the last few days?

TTP confirms Mehsud dead, announces 15-day mourning

* Hakeemullah asks govt to prove Baitullah’s death
* US ‘pretty sure’ TTP chief dead

Staff Report (Daily Times)

TANK: The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) confirmed on Monday that the group’s chief, Baitullah Mehsud, had been killed in a US drone strike on Wednesday, and announced a 15-day mourning period, reported a private TV channel.

Newly-appointed TTP spokesman Azam Tariq told the channel the TTP would observe a ceasefire during mourning period. He said a successor to Baitullah had not been chosen yet.

But a close aide of the TTP chief demanded that the government prove Baitullah was dead.

“I challenge (Interior Minister) Rehman Malik to prove that Baitullah is dead,” Hakeemullah, who was reportedly killed in a shootout on Friday, told journalists over the telephone. Hakeemullah said, “I am alive ... I am here to prove that I am alive and so is Baitullah,” he said. “Baitullah is alive and healthy ... he will come before the media soon. There is no succession,” he said.

However, Hakeemullah’s statement that Baitullah is healthy contradicts a statement by another Taliban leader, Maulana Noor Syed, who claimed the TTP chief “is seriously ill”.

Meanwhile, the US is “pretty sure” that Baitullah has been killed, White House Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton said on Monday. He said the development “shows that Pakistan has made progress in moving to root out extremists”.


Anonymous said...

Read Shahis Masood's coloumn Jiye Bhutoo II in todays Jang. Seems like the pain from the death of Mehsud was too much for Masood to take and he has lost his mind completely. He is writing filthy in a national daily towards to the President of Pakistan and co chairmain of PPP. All in the name of sympethizing with PPP. PPP must be the must fortunate political party in the history of the world, for its well being is always the biggest concern of its worst enemies.

Zoya said...

Not many people know that Dr Shahid Masood's sister had a an affair with and was recently kidnapped by a political kun-tutta of PML-N. What happened afterwards is clearly reflected in Shaid Masood's columns. Paisa aur danda, yeh haain Shahid Masood kay do baap. He is still licking his wounds that Zardari inflicted upon him by hiring and then firing as a GM of PTV.

Zoya said...

Also Irfan Siddiqui is obviously distressed because of the 'shahadat' of Baituallah Mahsood.


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