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30 November 2009

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Friday, 2 January 2009

Ansar Abbasi's corruption exposed: Ashraf Ansari's letter in ARY's Sawal Yeh Hay; also a summry of Abbasi's lies...

Ansar Abbasis is corrupt: PM’s ex-secy Bashir

LAHORE: While commenting on a case related to the award of extra marks to the chief justice’s daughter, the prime minister’s former press secretary Zahid Bashir has claimed that a senior journalist working for English daily The News is ‘involved in corruption’, a private TV channel said on Tuesday. Bashir said he was ready for a face-off with the journalist, Ansar Abbasi, to bring out the truth in the case, and branded Ansar’s allegations ‘baseless’. The chief justice was surprised when Ansar told him about the reassessment of his daughter’s marks, as he had no knowledge of the matter, said Bashir, and rejected Ansar’s claim that he had a tape of Justice Dogar confessing to the reassessment. Bashir alleged that Ansar owns two hotels in Islamabad and a CNG pump for which he had never paid any taxes. daily times monitor (24 Dec 2008)


Watch the video of Sawal Yeh Hai



Mr Zahid Bashir attended a talk show hosted by Dr. Danish and produced/broadcasted by a TV Channel ARY One World. The title of talk show was “Sawal Ya Hai Kai” and it was aired on 29th December 2008 at about 11.05 P.M.

The show exposed Ansar Abbasi's dishonesty and corruption.

A letter was read in the same program, sent by one Ashraf Ansari to FBR with the subject “Tax evasion by Ansar Ahmed Abbasi Journalist”.

The letter also exposes Ansar Abbasi's father's activities who according to Mr. Ansar Abbasi is "a known businessman of Muree" whereas according the letter, he was a poor labourer.

According to the letter, Ansar Abbasi has the properties having worth of Rs.444 millions. The figures and details of properties owned or attributed to Ansar Abbasi are surprising.

For example, the wardrobe inventories of Ansar Abbasi, who is reported to have 150 foreign suits, diamonds and precious watches etc. Ansar Abbasi has one office maintained car by Jang and other inexplicable perks.

It was reported that Ansar Abbasi owns two hotels in Islamabad and a CNG pump for which he had never paid any taxes.


Ansar Abbasi has already started crying, and sent a legal notice to Mr. Danish and ARY alleging that:

You have miserably failed to fulfil and perform an honest, impartial and neutral role of an anchor, therefore you added and abetted the defamatory allegations and allowed to use your platform for tarnishing and disparaging the good name and reputation of my client hence you and TV Channel both are equally responsible and proved to be an active instrument for running/conspiring a vilification campaign against my client.



Also must read:

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Faraz says:
Ansar Abbasi, Mushtaq Minhas, kashif Abbasi, Faiza Daood,
and in print media

Irfan Siddiqi, Ata ul Haque Qasmi, Kahlid Masood khan etc etc are stinted brains havent any understaning of any thing , they are like cancer and maigraine for this nation this cancer must be treated accordingly or cutoff to secure national harmoney they are on the payroll of Nawz shareef and have only the ability to clean thorns from they way ofNawaz shareef there “MAI BAP” there thinking is only parcochial and they havent any vision to analyse betterment for pakistan..

MalangBaba Says:
January 24th, 2009 at 1:33 am

I worked on a senior position in Islamabad from 1980-1992 and have witnessed a lot of corruption by generals and their faviourite politicians like NS and Jamaat. Even the jouirnalist Ansar Abbasi got his job in The News using influence of Gen. Zia through Khaqan Abbasi. I know this personaly because a cousin of his was appointed in my ministry the same way who used to be my friend. This ansar Abbasi guy used to come to my office often and we used to have long discussions. I know for sure that he is a big Safarshi himself but now he is making -ve stories just to further his Ziaist agenda.


Antidote to Ansar Abbasi said...

Dear friends of PMLN, PTI, JI, PPP,

Listen to arguments of all sides and make judgments based on facts not on your personal biases. Mr. Abbasi, without any doubt, has served his personal interest more than any cause. All I will urge you is to be open to facts without any prejudices.

One of my firends, a student leader of PML in late 80's, had to pay him Rs. 50K to avoid his tactics of blackmail. My friend has Ch. in his name. If Abbasi is reading this, he will know it.



Anonymous said...

I would like to know who is protecting Ansar Abbasi,who has no integrity whatsoever. He is a known blackmailer and not only has a inferiority complex but is getting some perverse pleasure from picking on young unmarried girls from good families.This is yellow journalism at its worst. High time he is exposed. someone should post the names of the hotels he owns and the address of his cng station.
All of us would be interested to know more about his backgroung.

Shumail Mazahir said...

How longer will we be tolerating the journalists who are paid to create anarchy in the country.They are serving vested interest of whom by destabilizing the country?

Samia said...

I would like to give a few tips to you Mr Ansar Abbasi to unearth other stories and facts, which would bring real face of some influentials before nation. You should investigate as to which group of newspapers in which cities bought land and plazas for their offices for how much money and what was the actual land value at those places at that time. Moreover, you should also investigate which group of newspapers paid how much money as monthly utility bills of their offices in different cities and paid how much income tax yearly for last 30 years. But I’m sure; you, the honest and truthful reporter, will not touch these stories in the ‘larger interest of the nation’.

qasim said...

i have heard Ansar Abbasi in many tv shows and his columms in news papers. i think all the comments give above are not fair but biased. who knows, who is more currupt than whom but the main thing is what the person in question says. as per my knowledge he is very fair journalist and his analysises are very mature. if some body has hotels or cng stations doesn't mean that he is a corrupt journalist. TO me he is a very honest journalist and very mature person, hats off to him.

Sarah said...

Qasim, Ansar Abbasi might be an honest journalist but he has certainly his own biases. Can you identify any "investigative reports" in which he might have revealed the connection between the Taliban and ISI? or highlighted (instead of eulogizing) the acts of terror by Taliban, such as the way he did in the aftermath of the Marriott bombing?

Fainted Hopes said...

We can clearly see through his 'investigative reports' history that he along with Hamid Mir, Irfan Siddiqui and Dr Safdar is on a payroll, fully biased and working for the interests of Nawaz Shair. I wonder why the management of Jang Group is not taking notice of the activities of these yellow journalists? maybe because they give them a lot of revenue????

Arham said...

what a non sense ti is?? corruption exposed by the most corrupt party in pakistan. and all pakistanis know this. zardari is known as MR. 100% throughout country.
in the end may ansar abbasi live long. may ALLAH help him his right cause. may the curse of ALLAH on the corrupt people.((AMIN))

Z.Ehsan said...

How people's party can built Pakistan when it has spoiled it and am a common citizen of Pakistan, my views are not biased.

Qurat-ul-ain said...

Some media groups have become a mafia of black mailers and constantly
dancing at the jingles of opposition and establishment's gestures. It
is common psychology of human being that whenever we discuss negative
aspect of some thing, positive aspect also comes under consideration
but carefully anaylze some churnalists,like Hamid Mir,Kamran Khan, Dr
Shaid Masood, Shaheen Sehbai, Ansar Abbasi, Maqbool Orya Jan and sort
of other writers,they always seen maligning image of government. You
will always find them discussing negative aspects of governance. Even
BISP was a great job by government but they did not even utter a
single word of appreciation. Senate elections were a great mile stone
but they did not dare to laud government. Employes stock scheme was
truely democratic step but they did not felicitate government. It is
just because their agenda is to knock out this government for they are
assigned this job by opposition and establishment. They are hate
mongers and nothing else. They are facilitated by their masters for
this very task. I am afraid such yellow journalists can even go
against nstional interests if foreign elements offer them olive
branch. Please wake up against these goons of black mailers and black

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