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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Mullah's Islam is in danger because Zardari calls Sarah Palin 'gorgeous"


The narrow minded Mullahs and their supporters in media (e.g. Ansar Abbasi, Kashif Abbasi) think that Islam is in danger because Asif Zardari in her meeting with Sarah Palin called her gorgeous. These Bhutto-haters (now reincarnated as Zardari-haters) have formed a disinformation cell to malign anything and everything associated with the Pakistan Peoples Party. These Taliban supporters are the curse of Allah on Pakistan.


Adnan Siddiqi said...

Forget what Mullahs says or not but do you say the way he showed chichor pana is good?

If yes then you mean if your daddy starts flirting with a woman infront of you and your mother so she will appreciate it? and if she says something else against your Dad's flirt with women then will you label her a narrow-minded Mullani who is against such act of your Dad?

I would like to know it, let's see what your moderated and enlightened mind says about it.

Abdul said...

Adnan, I understand and respect your views. All I would like to say is that our political leaders do not necessarily represent our personal ideals. At the same time, I do not subscribe to the way Mullahs and their supporters are trying to twist and exploit mundane issues. Let us agree to disagree on this point. Abdul

Adnan Siddiqi said...


That's says, don't buy every news which appears online. ;)

way Mullahs and their supporters

Double standards eh? I mean all rules and regulations and freedom of speech thingie is for others. When it's faced by us then it's OK to become an "extremist". Don't most of molvis do same while preaching others for Namaz while their own members are not even listening them? :-)

or it;s just Mullah targeting is easy and fashion for every "intellectual" and "education" person now?

have fun and Eid mobarak *grin*

Abdul said...

"Lal Masjid leaped into prominence in 2004 when the prayer leader, Aziz, Ghazi's brother, issued a fatwa (religious decree) that any Pakistani soldiers killed in the tribal area of South Waziristan should not be entitled to Muslim funeral prayers or be buried in Muslim graveyards."

"However, Abdul Aaziz insisted on his initial statement and repeated what he said while addressing the Friday prayers last week, "if there is a violent operation then we will consider suicide attacks. We want a peaceful change in the society although I know that revolutions are always violent," he said. In his assertions, the threats of suicide attacks in Islamabad are always followed by praises for Taliban and al-Qaida and other militant organizations, "we love Taliban and al-Qaida, they are the one spreading the message of Jihad in the Muslim world, we love them," said Abdul Aziz."

Two more sources.



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