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Saturday, 13 December 2008

Why Pakistan wants to destroy India?

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AJAY KUMAR said...

Well what the hell are u talking !!!pakistan is doomed becouse of it's government and their hand in hand walk with two of the worst enemies of whole world no.1 is U.S.A and number two Is Terorists who are another face of the US policies.get a life people its their way of operating in the game of power first create tension in any region afterwards destroy the country fully. and what you know China is working in the same way as USA is both will defuse pakistan of firstly making it theire Army base.Pakistan Is in big trouble and the leaders in pakistan are making lot of in the process and people of pakistan would have to suffer many more years to come and India is in agenda of both the countries they sure don't want India to rise in the power game but does'nt tha pakistan people want this to happen coz their main goal is to take on India by hook or by crook even india will not face that many problems due to it bieng main market for business houses of both USA And China .But pakistan is starting it's on doom time and it's going to be big time

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