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Thursday, 25 December 2008

Buy a suicide-bomber in Pakistan! Jihadi and sectarian terrorists are one and the same; both are for sale...

Police investigation into the suicide-bombing incident in Bhakkar in Punjab in August this year revealed that the killing was done through a suicide-bomber “bought” in South Waziristan. The targeted man was killed in the attack but so were other people, and the incident was generally described as sectarian, unleashing tensions between sects that gave rise to further violent events in the region. The police have now revealed that one Waqqas Hussain and his four accomplices had “hired” a suicide bomber and an explosives expert from Wana to kill a former friend of theirs with whom they had a monetary dispute.

So now we know that a suicide bomber can also be bought to settle personal scores, according to police investigation into the Bhakkar blast which left over 26 people dead in August. Rs 1.2 million were paid to someone who trains suicide-bombers for warlord Baitullah Mehsud, and the bomber was delivered at Bhakkar one day before the incident. The target was killed, but so was the PMLN MNA Mr Rashid Akbar Khan Niwani, the arbitrator between the parties. This means that today’s suicide-bombings are not exclusively linked to faith but to also to crime. And this raises questions about our changing society that we can hardly answer yet. (Daily Times, 25 Dec 2008)


CID uncovers truth behind suicide attack in Bhakkar

* Enmity between two Bhakhar residents over non-payment of borrowed money led to the attack
* Haji Jaan Muhammad Wazir provided the accused with suicide bomber for Rs 1.2 million
* Attack at Niwani’s residence killed 26 people including the debtor

Staff Report

LAHORE: Crime Investigation Department (CID) officials have arrested five suspects who they say planned a suicide attack at the residence of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Member of National Assembly (MNA) Rasheed Akber Niwani.

The officials said the suicide attack was the result of a monetary dispute. The arrested were identified as Waqas Hussain, Dr Nazar Hussain, Muhammad Arif Khan, Muhammad Amjad and Saeed Amjad.

Enmity: According to a handout issued by the CID, Waqas Hussain, who it says planned the attack, had a monetary dispute with one Ijaz Hussain. Waqas had borrowed Rs 2,145,000 from Ijaz with a high interest rate to set up a business of sale and purchase of cars. The CID officials said Waqas suffered serious losses and gave Ijaz seven high-valued vehicles against the debt, but Ijaz demanded Rs 5,400,000 in addition to the vehicles.

The officials alleged both parties tried to involve each other in various corruption cases. Dr Nazar Hussain, father of Waqas Hussain, requested a notorious local Arif Khan to help them register a case of Waqas’ kidnapping against Ijaz Hussain. The complaint was lodged at the Darya Khan Police Station in Bhakhar District under section 342 and 343 of the Pakistan Penal Code. Ijaz Hussain took the matter to Rashid Akber Niwani. The PML-N leader called the two parties at his residence to listen to their case, and announced a date of August 6, 2009 for another meeting.

Suicide bomber: Meanwhile, Waqas and his father contacted Arif Khan again. Khan suggested they hire a suicide bomber from the Northern Areas to murder Ijaz. Exploiting sectarian differences, Waqas approached Haji Jaan Muhammad Wazir, resident of Wana, to complain against the Shia PML-N’s leader. Haji Jaan Muhammad Wazir promised to send a suicide bomber and an expert of explosives to plan a suicide attack at Niwani’s residence after charging them Rs 1,200,000.

Attack: Only a day before the attack on Niwani’s house, Wazir handed over a suicide bomber with explosives material and an expert to them. On the day of the incident, Waqas confirmed the presence of Ijaz Hussain at the PML-N leader’s residence with the help of a local dispenser Amjad Abbas Shah, and led the suicide bomber to Niwani’s house. The suicide bomber exploded himself close to Ijaz Hussain, claiming the lives of 26 people.(Daily Times)


Anonymous said...

Foreign elements are involved in the acts of recent terrorism and suicide attacks in the country and were actively supported by corrupt ruling mafia backed by imperialist neo-cons. Indian spies and Intelligence agencies are also exploiting the situation in the garb of Taliban, and damaging the country on behalf of Israel/US/India nexus. Real and genuine Taliban feel grief and sorrow over the death of common Muslims. Generally speaking, there are three types of Taliban in Federally Administrative Tribal Areas.
First type of Taliban are those resisting US imperialist agendas and want to expel US from Afghanistan. These Taliban though do not have any agenda about Pakistan. The second type, are the local Taliban, they want to implement Islamic system and Shariah in their own areas. These elements are active in one form or other form in Tribal area especially Swat before 9/11 and even before Soviet Afghan War. Swat was a small independent state which opted for Pakistan, at the time of partition, on guarantee of independent state from Mr. Jinnah. The state was governed by Shariah law. Swat state laws and governance was a natural, efficient and effective law which suited local tradition and Pathan culture. Justice was quick, simple and cheap. The British justice system practiced in Pakistan is based colonial state structure. It has long and unending proceedings, spread over years and even then there is no guarantee that the justice would be provided to the victim, due to culture of false witnesses, clever/fake lawyers and obliging judges. The Pashtuns were basically nomads and during 18th they started living in small villages. If someone from their family is offended by someone and they do not have remedy for that injustice, the family remains under social pressure/stress and feel a great shame. Under the British system, they see the oppressor and his relatives everywhere in the village and feel ashamed for not having natural remedy.
Normally it is considered that Taliban are remnants of Soviet Afghan Mujahadeen. However Shariah demand and Taliban movement date back to Bhutto regime in seventies when Swat state was annexed to Pakistan contrary to Jinnah commitment to Wal-e-Swat. Prior to that, Swat state was very developed till 70s and had very efficient and effective local administration, Qazi courts and Police System under patronage of Wali-e-Swat based on local tradition and mostly Shariah laws. Earlier Qazi Courts, local administration and police was replaced by existing corrupt Pakistani Police, inefficient/ineffective civil bureaucracy (DCs/ACs) and normal court system, which are colonial legacies and skewed state structure designed for colonial brute regimes. Their movement was hijacked/exploited by Zia-ul-Haq on his false promises of Shariah based Government for his eleven year draconian rule on US backing. Similarly many other uprising for change (namely labor and student movement) against colonial state structure and establishment were crushed and exploited by the agents of status-qou and colonial remnants in Pakistan ruling establishment.
The third group of Taliban are those who formed an organized group to achieve their vested criminal interests mainly drug trade on backing of local totalitarian ruling elite, various foreign Intelligence agencies and imperialist neo-cons. Their objectives are loot/plunder masses for their own kitty, while at the same time they will defame/malign and make controversial the cause/name of Taliban who are resisting imperialist neo-cons in Afghanistan and colonial remnants in Pakistan. They use various tools of terror, violence and disinformation. These elements have nothing to do with Islam or Taliban and they are simply using the name of Taliban. US and India trained them in Khurasan and Hirat provinces of Afghanistan. These trained elements were injected into tribal areas of Pakistan in order to spread chaos and crisis. Chaos and crisis is one of the reason due to which President Musharraf justified his clinging to Power. These foreign elements in the garb of Taliban are involved in the acts of terrorism in different cities of Pakistan like Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Their violence and chaos justifies excessive use of fire power by state agencies for various incidents like Red mosque, Nov-03 and May-12. Their acts of violence also hijack various peace initiates, therefore whenever there will be a peace talks, either US will directly attack or some suicide bomber will hit inside Pakistan on the name of Taliban or Pakistani Ambassador issue will pop out.
Generally speaking real Taliban are crude and have various short coming, however misdoings of Taliban have been blown out of proportion by imperialist western backed media. But over all they were much better than present day US/West Puppets in Afghanistan and similar other prostitute states/governments ruled by puppets of the West/US. Taliban were from the people and they were answerable to people. Their roots were in the people of that area, therefore there could stand up against alone super power of world, whereas Pakistan being a nuclear state has been subjugated by US for last eight years. Their police system, justice, law/order systems were simple, straight forward and it was delivering to the common. It is very ironic that media and academics become so much idealistic when they deal with Taliban? Like any other system Taliban also had short comings. However normal Pakistan Police, courts and law order system is totally corrupt, highly inefficient and ineffective. Media and academic will tolerate 1001 errors in present skewed setups based on colonial draconian legacy and justify present setup full of corruption by corruption for corruption. Present setup is 90 % corrupt name any institution, any walk of life.
Just like present setup Taliban had some shortcoming and they can rectify that if they are guided and given time. Taliban are much better if compared with present corrupt Police, Bureaucrats, Executives and Courts of Pakistan. Yes at some points Taliban were wrong and they need to be rectified and criticized. After past 50 years one has to admit that present colonial state structure is incapable of rectification. We can tolerate/justify 50 years wrong doings of one system but can’t tolerate indigenous effort for nation building due to their stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Various explanations, justifications, motives and reasons are presented for WAR FOR TERROR. US stated official motive of WAR FOR TERROR is fight against Al-Qaeada, Taliban and extremism. Many corrupt/de-facto colonial third world countries like Pakistan and Indian governments and establishment always tailor US official version WAR FOR TERROR for its own interests. These interests vary from economic aid, military hardware, legitimacy and open liberty for dealing with iron hand to any political, economic issues, crisis or rival.
Al-Qaida is the top secret code name of special covert operations of the U.S. CIA, Israeli Mossad, British SIS, Indian RAW and Pakistani ISI. Al-Qaida is a fake name, an imaginary illusion, a deceptive fraud, a fictitious hoax and a fraudulent scam of the unlawful war for terror, which is still being cunningly and clandestinely supported and promoted by the CIA, Mossad, SIS, RAW, ISI and the Corrupt Mercenary Media (CMM) to frame, blame, defame, harm and kill innocents Pakistanis, Kashmiris, Indians, Afghans, Arabs, Muslims/Hindus and other innocent humans by falsely and maliciously labeling them as the Al-Qaida militants, extremists, or terrorists. Actually, Al-Qaida or Al-CIA-da is the CIA. Al-Qaida is the Mossad. Al-Qaida is the SIS. Al-Qaida is the RAW. Al-Qaida is the ISI. Al-Qaida is the CMM. The CIA, Mossad, SIS, RAW, ISI and the CMM are the real Al-Qaida or 'the Evil 6'. For the sake of international peace, reform or abolish the CIA, Mossad, SIS, RAW and the ISI; oppose and expose the CMM; and end the illegal war of terror now to reduce global terrorism. Indeed, imperialistic military occupation of any country, state, or nation is state terrorism. Civil terror is a natural reaction to government terror."
Al Qaeda and Taliban is an “imaginary force” created by CIA, through which third world countries like Pakistan and Indian governments, ruling elite and establishment interest converge with USA. Pakistan state, military/political ruling elite and establishment have been trapped and addicted to US dollars/support for last fifty seven years. These dollars are shifted to safe havens of same Western Banks, from where these dollars started journey. Hence it’s a zero sum game for Western economic system. It is for the same reason various crises in third world countries are created for commissions and omissions. Third world countries like Pakistan and Indian ruling establishment and state composes of various political, army, economic, business feudal, bureaucratic, metropolis cartels controlling/manipulating various financial and power hubs in like Bombay, Karachi, Lahore and Delhi (all British era colonial metropolis). Rest all masses (99 %) are non state agent and actors. These masses are typical mouse from Mumbai and Karachi. In the local train compartment which has capacity of 100 persons, these mouse travel with 500 more mouse. Mouse at least squeak but they don't even do that.

Pakistani and Indian ruling establishment have been using wild cards like Al Qaeda, Taliban, Sectarian, Ethnic Violence to their advantage. Whenever CIA or Pakistani or Indian ruling establishment wants to kill people or target someone, they send in an Al Qaeda or Taliban cut-out to start the cycle of violence. Disinformation/disorientation campaigns for local/international establishment agenda has increased exponentially during recent times. Such disinformation/disorientation campaigns are paid, sponsored and engineered by local/international establishment for creating justification for military actions, extreme brute measure and corrupt practices. the Corrupt Mercenary Media (CMM) present themselves as CHAMPIONS OF TRUTH, DEMOCRASY, and JUSTICE. Various writers and anchors pretend asking tough/hard questions and saving world from war, extremism. However media at best are manipulating and comprising the truth by showing half picture of crisis. Most of the time media avoid context and conceal motives of the ongoing crisis and chaos in India, Pakistan and whole Muslim world. Media will never tip-toe out of the false perception minefield that they have allowed themselves to be lured into by the CIA, various ruling establishment and architects of WAR FOR TERROR. TV Anchors most of the times are bounded by policy, life threats, job fears, temptations, easy going attitude, incompetence and lack of quality research on social science. Any TV channel prime motivation is money, revenue, coverage, ads and sponsors not truth.

Al-Qaeda is a front organization of CIA and MOSSAD : Mumbai based group of intellectuals and human rights activists
India Daily-Jun. 13, 2007

The Mumbai based group alleged that Al-Qaeda is a front organization of CIA and MOSSAD. "There is enough evidence that the Al-Qaeda is a front organization of the CIA and MOSSAD. The Bush junta has used the bogey of terror and of Al Qaeda to justify his unending and ever expanding Global War on Terror, which is only a means of capturing the resources of the world and of establishing the sole hegemony of Israel in West Asia," said the group of activists and intellectuals. The group is holding a press conference in Mumbai on Wednesday to "expose the links between Al-Qaeda and the CIA-MOSSAD".
Holding American-Israeli operation accomplices of the 9/11 attack on the WTC, the spokesman of the group said that this has been widely written about in USA and Europe itself and more than 50% of the American people and far more Europeans, now believe and are convinced about this fact. He said that sections of the Indian ruling political and military elite are importing the same Bush-Olmert formula into India. "The increasing terror attacks only serve the cause of the Indian elite and divide the masses along communal lines. It is only the ordinary Indians who are the victims of terror either in temples, mosques, buses or trains," he said adding that practically no political leader suffers a similar fate, where the terrorists are apprehended and killed in "encounters".
"Every terror attack is meant to push and drag the Indian masses further into the waiting arms of Uncle Sam and the Israeli Goliath. Every terror attack spreads further hatred for Muslims and Islam and weakens the Indian Muslim community," he said.

Anonymous said...

Whenever so called scholars/academics/experts (Raised/Funded by US/West) discuss any evil/wrong in our Muslim societies on Media especially TV, they never try to exactly locate the center of gravity of that issue. Their reasoning, and intended solutions are shallow and mostly in mars/space because they always try to avoid the context and history of the issue.
What is unfolding now in whole Muslim World and especially Pakistan, is somewhat ‘creative chaos’ in almost all walk of life. If you have monopoly over world resources (Oil, Drugs, Technology, Banks, Media etc) , superiority in intelligence and multiple means of buying out loyalties of the readily saleable commodities (Karzai, Yasir Arrafat, Mahmood Abbas, Musharaf, Saudis, Benaizer, Nawaz, Zardari, Local Journalist, Generals, Bureaucrats, Businessmen etc.) like the US/West does, then the fog of chaos is a good way of confusing the enemy and continuing exploitation/deprivation by de-facto colonization even after so called freedom. One of the main reason for Muslim failure during last several decades in almost all fields is the result of well planned disorientation campaign. Multiple channels are used varying from brute force of carpet bombing/armed invasions to dubious soft tool like human rights, media, trade, MNCs, NGOs, globalization, academic dialogue and last of War on terror. However the only objective is to curtail Islam, whip Muslims and thrash them depending upon the situation and environment.
We will take a common day example of the curse of Heroin. As it is normally believed that Herion like Terrorism popped out of blue from Pakistan Tribal Areas/Afghanistan. It is generally believed that simple tribal men and war lords are only responsible for menace of Heroin but never told the link between Afghan War, CIA, Heroin, BCCI and finance for US Stringers made by private MNCs.
Heroin is prepared from morphine (extracted from opium) by boiling it with acetic anhydride, and then using a process that involves hydrochloric acid, strychnine, and caffeine. The most essential chemical for Heroin (i.e. acetic anhydride) is produced only in West, No Muslim country has any plant for producing acetic anhydride. Recently its import to Afghanistan through Karachi Afghan transit route under flag of NATO/US since 9/11 has increased exponentially. MNCs producing all such chemicals are making billions.
Heroin was basically invented by BAYER Pharmaceutical/Agro MNCs. It is also operating in many countries like Pakistan and making Billions. CIA introduced Heroin in South America, Vietnam and Last of all Afghanistan/Pakistan. Hereon and present drug economy is very similar to Colonial era Opium trade of that era.

Similarly all the business families (Mostly present ruling establishment in Indo/Pak/Bangla Desh) are those who acted as middle men for opium export to China. Most of them control II Chundrigar Road, Karachi/Bombay Stock exchange and Power Houses in IndoPak. Those past collaborators/supporters of past colonials and present day ruling elites will always pray anthems of US/West. Any voice or force raising against US/West is curbed with Iron hand, it may be Lawyers Movement or Red Mosques or Tribal Areas or Rag Tag Taliban. Please see the interview of Indian Writer Amitav Gosh on BBC (23 June, 2008) about opium wars of 1830s and 1850s and opium production in Bengal/Bombay by East India Company.

This is not about blaming the US/West for our all problems. Muslims needs to set its own house in order but there is no question that the Heroin in Afghanistan, NWFP and Tribal area were almost nonexistent before CIA operation against Soviet Invasion. Similar terrorism, intolerance, lawlessness in Tribal Area is the direct product of the machinations of the local/international establishment powers that were based in Tribal region even before Afghan-Soviet War in 1970s.
For we Muslims and Pakistani in particular, this is not a time for optimism. It’s better to be cautious now – even paranoid – than sorry later. The events in our society in general and tribal region in particular did not emerge from a void but are a continuation of a dirty game played since colonization and continues unabated, involving critical inside players and their outside allies.

To draw a line in the sand, we should openly declare US/CIA directly responsible for creating/nourishing/sponsoring chaos, terror, lawlessness, drug economy in our regions.


FM Shah

Interview of Indian Writer Amitav Gosh on BBC (23 June, 2008)

A Hindu said...

Pak guys....
you were fighting to get independant kashmir.
soon world shall see you fighting to get independant pakistan from hands of taliban.....

your sibling terrorists will ruin you. this is what is called insaaf...

a liar community threatening entire world will succumb in hands of extremists ensuring each citizen of that land becomes a suicide bomber aka jihadi....

btw if all guys will get killed whom would you marry off your daughters to.....

we are available.......
also we are peaceful and believe in monogamy.....

ha ha ha ha ha

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