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30 November 2009

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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Stop dirty propaganda against Aamir Liaquat Hussain. The real Gustakh-e-Sahaba are Dr Zakir Naik and Dr Israr Ahmed

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Anonymous said...

plz go and chk vdo of fatwa in favour of amir liaquat
now i think plz stop cursing and abusing this muslim fellow for GOD's SAKE


Anonymous said...

I would like to ask if salman Rushdie now come to public and apologised for his comments will u do it??
who has the right to Accept TOBA mr rafi of muneeb?? are they assistant from God or God permitted them to accept Amir toba. Khuda ke lie in molivion se apna daman churao agar pakistan ko bachana hai to.
if u wana buildup pakistan then these Mullas and politicians must be punished and the honest people should come ahead and the media should also be banned. it is very necessary that media should educate people in a right way rather to spread hate.

Abdul said...

I agree with your comments.

Naureen Saleem said...

For God sake stop spreading hatred in the name of islam and stop using religion for personal interests.I know one thing fro sure tht Dr. AAmer Liaquat is believer, he loves Allah's Prophet (pbuh),he helps poor and trying to bring two big sects of muslims on one platforms through his programme Alim on line.We are human and we make mistakes,one who is ashamed and accept his sin and ask for Allah's forgivness then Allah is great and forgiving.Please stop this propoganda and stop using religion for personal or political interests.May Allah forgive us all and open our hearts to see the rightand enlightened path.Ameen

Abdul said...

I don' think the extremist mullahs (deen-e-mullah fi sabilillah fasaad) will pay heed to your advice, Naureen. We need scholars like Iqbal and Sir Syed, not like today's sectarian and jihadi mullahs.

ĉªçtÛs said...

meray bhai salam

app ka blog is a bomb baby. each n evey topic is nice. but meri jaan eik jaga u becomes the supporter of zaid hamid against the propagande. who n which brought me to ur blog. then i read 3 articles by a hindu bout india. where india is a failure state and that editor waz just sayin what he knows from his government sources where like the country sources r failed too.

now aamir liaqat ko aap aacha kehtay hoo

baat yeh nahi hai ki kon acha hai ya koon bura hai. baat yeh bhi nahi hai ki aapp ya mein ya koi aur kisi ko aacha ya bura qarar day saktay hain

then u say we need scholars like iqbal and sir syed.

meri jaan. zaid hamid tu kehta hi hai. yeh khaksaar bhi yehi kehta hai ki iqbal say bachoo

he will make us leave our homes n will make ua what once we were


ĉªçtÛs said...

mulla ki azan jin kanoon ko sunnay ki adat hoo woh mujahid ki azan sunay gi ????????

Abdul said...

Hi cactus, thanks for visiting. yar, mazhab naheen sikhata aapas main baer rakhna. All the best.

ĉªçtÛs said...

jehan tak zakir nayak n yazid walay mamlay ki baat hai. aisay tu tammam wahabis ya u can say ghair-muqallad musalman saray hi gustak-e-sahaba r.a hoo jaingay

coz bout yazid they have the same opinion which is represented by naik.

baqi aamir bhai kay baray mein comments mein hi kisi sahab nay likhaa ki he is not consistent in his beliefs. nothing more can be said bout him.

rockstarumer said...

another good column by Dr. Aamir :-)

Well Done Dr. Israr Ahmed on explaining Shan-e-Ali (r.a)

rockstarumer said...

Dr. zakir clarification:

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