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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Those who say 'this is not Pakistan's war' must answer this question

The message of the blasts!

As the in-camera session of the parliament was listening to a briefing from the Army, the anti-terrorist squad headquarters was suicide-bombed with a car, leaving six wounded. Elsewhere, eleven people were killed in Dir when a vehicle meant to carry prisoners was blown up with a device fixed under it. Both incidents owed more to negligence and general illiteracy among the police personnel than to any terrorist expertise. In Landi Kotal an attempt was made to blow up oil tankers through a suicide-bomber who missed the target.

The effect of course was psychological and once again demonstrated how Al Qaeda was underpinning its actions with psy-war techniques. What it managed to do successfully was to show its outreach to those present in parliament through a message left at the anti-terrorism squad headquarters. The message was: if you fight America’s war this is what will happen to you. The unspoken message was: if you give up then you will be all right. The question however is: will Al Qaeda return our territory and leave Pakistan if we give up all contacts with America? Or will Al Qaeda separate us from the international community and then have us at its mercy? Those who say this is not our war have not been able to answer this question satisfactorily. (Daily Times)

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